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Letter From Scotland

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Only the River Knows
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Vision and Refraction

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Marmorata - Slovenia - June 2013
A few days with friends to" hunt" a beautiful marmoratas(Marble Trout) .. Enjoy ...
Speycast for trout
A short film about fishing for trout using a different art. Three different methods with light two-handed rods add to the variety of the single hand fishery in middle Europe. The film, a two-man production, shows the practicality of fishing with light two-handers. In the foreground are the enjoyment and the possibilities of this realm of fly fishing. Georg Haitzmann and Thomas Schwarzensteiner present in the name of Alpinespey "Speycast for trout".
DoD Diaries part II

Subtitles are avaliable in the player.
The DoD Diaries features Hans Johansson, Johan Jonsson and Stefan Aagren dry fly fishing in the Scandinavian mountains for trout.
The aim with this video is to show some raw footage of what's going on during our fishing trips. Some scenes may be a bit long but that's the whole idea. It's purpose is to show that we both are struggling to catch fish and that we sometimes are lucky. That's why the title is "Diaries" in order to illustrate a fishing trip as true as possible from what happened and what force that makes us dry fly fishermen become weird.

Soft touch shrimp
This is a step by step of the new soft touch shrimp for grayling and trout fishing
flySOLO #4 - Dry & Dropper Paradise
A new release of flySOLO. A classic summer morning fishing at the Malleo river, (Argentine Patagonia) with dry&dropper and light tackle. Lot of fishing accion, rainbows and browns. Enjoy! Fisherman/Videographer: Pablo Saracco
Badowers Sportsmen
Badowers Spring Lookbook shoot. Photography by Garrett Cornelison and Justin Meyer. Video by Garrett Cornelison and Brad Argo. Model David Bartels, Styling by Brad Argo, Kevin Hansen, Michael Chilton.

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· The video formerly known as... - I attended the sneak preview of the video Only the River Knows, formerly known as The Trout Also Rises. Great video! I'm looking forward to reviewing the DVD.
· Ireland bound - Well, it's a dirty job, you know, but some one has to do all that traveling.
· Monster trout! - I watched a great Norwegian DVD yesterday

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