Published Aug 25. 2015 - 1 year ago

Even simpler: Copper Joe - in effect a Brassie with a bead

The simpler, faster variation of a Copper John/Joe: no tail, no legs, no back, no epoxy. Still an extremely efficient nymph. It becomes in effect a Brassie with a bead.
Martin Joergensen


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I sure like your name and your willingness to stand openly behind your critique! Very grown up.

And yes, this is a Brassie! The article is about the Copper Joe, and this caption is definitely not right. My bad! Read the article and you will see Brassie mentioned several times - one place with the words "It becomes in effect a Brassie with a bead.". I have added that to the headline.

Not much new under the sun, neither regarding fly tying nor regarding anonymous comments...


copper Joe eh? Google "Brassie" and tell me what you find. Chris is right, this is a Brassie...

that is a brassie

I tie and use Copper Joes in red, black, green and copper. I have found them to be as effecive as the much harder to tie Copper John. The Joe is a great nymph pattern on the Rio Penasco in Southeastern New Mexico.