Published Aug 25. 2015 - 1 year ago

A neat box - not mine!

Few flyboxes are as well organized as this one
Martin Joergensen


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Well, with this box, you'd be fine for a day or two on the Baltic coast, wouldn't you? ;-)


This is enough to have a set of flies for sea trout?

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If you're talking the right side seen from the owner's (Jens) view and the side closest to the viewer, they are several but very similar patterns. The gray one is Magnus and the tan one is The Slaughter (Slagteren in Danish). Both are very similar - basically a dubbed body with a body hackle. Magnus uses a couple of hackle tips as a tail and The Slaughter uses a few straws of flash. I can't recognize the olive fly, but I can inquire.


Hi What do you call the fly on the right side of the fly box? I am alway looking for new flys to try on Michigan Steelhead. What materials do you use for this fly.

Amazing - I dont think I ever managed to tie more than two identical flies in one session.......