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Party wigs
Orange strips
Frizzy wig
Orange hair
Coarse but nice
Hair with volume
Nice material quality
Flash wigs
Great for large flies
Purple flash
Your local craft store
Party supplies
Shopping beads
Online sources
Eyes... and foam
Frizzy yarn
8-10 millimeters
Body tubing
Crinoline wigs
Sponge cord colors
Stacks of foam
Craft foam colors
Jewellery cord
Kern Lund shrimp
Translucent legs
Fly tying quality
Craft fur
Craft fur in large flies
Craft fur
Brush selection
Micro fibbets galore
Frizzy brush hairs
Puffer balls = squirmy wormy rubber
Squirmy toys
Squirmy Wormy Nymph
Spaghetti Stress Ball
Colored bead chain
About 400 eyes for 8.50 US$
Not perfect, but inexpensive
Picture hanging wire
Tiger wire = Intruder wire
The ultimate party wig
Hobby and craft store
Martin Joergensen - PoniesOfDooom - Kern Leo Lund