Das Cephalopod

Published Mar 21st 2010

Springtime... the squid parade begins. Be ready to greet it with this pattern.


Das Cephalopod

Early on...
Commercial squid boats can be seen off the south coasts of Rhode Island and Taxachusetts...

The Cephalopod Parade has begun and big Toothy Yellow Eyed Devil Fly Shredders [Blue Fish] soon arrive to partake in the high protein seafood buffet...
There is also a gathering of Stripers to make it all worthwhile and goal oriented...
The squid and predators work their way inshore and soon recreational fishermen from shore and boat realize the game is on...
Fly patterns should include large herring and no kit is complete without a few squid to match the hatch...
The fish are generally hungry and obliging and wire bite tippets are not a bad idea... flyz will be utterly destroyed but fantastic stories of epic proportion will live on...
Long live das Cephalopod... 'Let the show begin!!!

About a year ago a local shop [Bear's Den, Taunton, MA] put on a great mid-winter show... [This years show was even better, if that's possible...]
Wonderful talent, lots of gear, and some very relevant seminars...
A marvelous day it was!
The BUZZZ was infectious.


I got to spend some quality time up close and personal, watching David Nelson spin straw into gold...
He has his own very elegant and distinctive style and has incorporated classic techniques with brilliant material management...
David presented to me a special "sample" and it's been on the dashboard of my car for me to fully ponder and appreciate... It's been there for a year and I still find it inspiring.

My Natural insinuation employs what I have come to refer to as a Nelsonesque approach... I've borrowed some of David's insight and added some of my own...
The full profile and undulating hackles are well suited to dead drifting and slow retrieves with a floating line [intermediate line works too...]

Every time I'm in das bunker, I hear the LAW calling to me.

The basic tie is very similar to my other Naturals...
Long hackles move nicely even when the fly is left to it's own devices... and the design form and function is well suited for contemporary tube tying methods!

Step 1: thread base - Cover the hook shank
Step 1: thread base

Step 2: hackles - Add a set of nice saltwater hackles as \
Step 2: hackles
Step 3: flash - Add some flash to the sides of the fly
Step 3: flash

Step 4: flash done - Make sure the flash follows the direction of the tail
Step 4: flash done
Step 5: JC - Add Jungle Cock as the eyes
Step 5: JC
Step 6: bucktail - Add a sparse bunch of bucktail around the tail
Step 6: bucktail

Step 7: more bucktail - Build the mantle of the squid using more bucktail
Step 7: more bucktail
Step 8: and even more - Vary the colors and add a final sparse layer of bucktail
Step 8: and even more

Step 9: done! - Finish the fly with a small head
Step 9: done!

Ultimately, the fast approaching Striped Phocus Group will have the final say but, from observations made from the test tank, my confidence is high and I'm ready to annoy some big fish!!!
Spring can't come too soon!

Toothy Yellow Eyed Devil Fly Shredder

Feather like

User comments
From: Dennis Kelly · dennis.kelly·at·syngenta.com  Link
Submitted March 21st 2010

once again the phlymaster crafts another phishcatcher!!!
the phortyinchers don't stand a chance.....,Great job, Sir Penquin.
Da Rooster!

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