Published May 12th 2006

A zonker of warmth


Mango fruits -
Mango fruits
The Mickey Finn is often one of the first streamers, beginning fly tiers learn to tie. For some reason, I have never used it. I prefer zonkers or palmer hackled flies along with shrimp imitations.

So for years a yellow and orange fly has been missing in my fly box.
Last year I found materials, which inspired me to tie a replacement for The Mickey Finn. It stayed in my box for severeal weeks. I took a picture, uploaded it to our local site and named it The Modern Mickey Finn Zonker... probably a result of being less creative that day.
But when my girlfriend got a look at it, she exclaimed: It looks like a mango. Bingo! The Mango was a reality.

It is just a zonker and nothing particular. I like the colours and I like the two-coloured zonker strip.

I think it will be good for winter trout and in those waters where orange is a killer colour. Perch also like orange and so does cod (they seem to like any colour).

If you also like it, you should tie some following this recipe:


HookStreamer, size 2-6.
ThreadRusty, 8/0.
UnderbodyRed yarn.
BodyRe-Flash Tubing, orange.
TailHackle fibres, mixed yellow and orange.
WingZonker strip, cross coloured, orange/yellow.
False hackle (throat)Orange hackle fibres, let them almost reach the hook point.

Tying instructions
  1. Mix a tail from yellow and orange hackle fibres. Tie them in just above the hook bend.
  2. Tie in the yarn and turn it over the shank to form a nice tapered under body.
  3. Let the tube slide down the shank. Secure it just above the hook bend. Make 1-2 mm of the tube stand out from the secure point.
  4. Tie in the zonker strip. Let 1-2 mm stand out from the secure point. Avoid trapping the hair.
  5. Whipfinish.
  6. Tie down the tupe at the head.
  7. Tie down the zonker strip at the head. Make sure to stretch it, as it gets sloppy when wet.
  8. Tie in a bunch of orange hackle fibres as a false hackle.
  9. Form a nice little head and whipfinish.

Materials -

Step 1 - Secure the thread.
Step 1
Step 2 - Tie down the tail.
Step 2

Step 3 - Form the underbody.
Step 3
Step 4 - Slide down the tube.
Step 4

Step 5 - Tie down the zonker strip at the rear.
Step 5
Step 6 - Make the zonker strip come forwrd. Tie down at the eye.
Step 6

Step 7 - Add hackle fibres as a throat.
Step 7
Step 8 - Form the head and varnish.
Step 8

3 winter flies - Mango, Flammen (The Flame), and the Glimmer Shrimp.
3 winter flies

User comments
GFF staff comment
From: Kasper Mühlbach  Link
Submitted April 12th 2007


Good to hear and nice report. I am glad you had so much success using the fly rod. Even though many of the fish were thin but shiny kelts I can see, that you also got some beautiful chromers.

The fly with the pink-white-pink body looks fine for cold water. What is your description/material list?


From: jelle · jelleholm·at·  Link
Submitted April 11th 2007

thank you i was inspired through this article to tie a fly nearly like this in different colours and it brought me some good fish on our last trip to southern sweden you can read about the tour here and see the fly:

thank you for the inspiration and in our german balticcoast it works also very well!!!

From: Nathan N Wight · nate·at·  Link
Submitted November 10th 2006

Chris from Canada, try They have about 18 colors. They work great for many diffrent zonker and double bunny flies, also try them on John Barrs meat whistles

From: CHARLES MANN · themanns·at·  Link
Submitted November 6th 2006

I live in Maine, and yes we now have Northern pike in many of our waters. I think the Mango pike fiy is a great pattern. I will be fishing the the St Johns river in northern Maine next year and will try the MANGO.

From: Danny · montigny_danny·at·  Link
Submitted August 14th 2006

Nice presentation, exeptional pics.
From Belgium.

From: chris · chris.madison69·at·  Link
Submitted July 24th 2006

great photos, much appreciated,

From: Guillermo · gprospitti·at·  Link
Submitted June 21st 2006

iam from Argentina, i live in the Patagonia and i new in the flyfhishing, but this fly it's amazing... my congratulations to the warsmith! There is a seccition with tying videos y this page? thanks...

From: Frank Nazario · cryobyte·at·  Link
Submitted June 1st 2006

function and simplicity... what else can you ask from a fly pattern. Amazingly easy to modify in color ... do not substitute materials i have found it to be perfect for large mouth bass in central florida and incredible in smaller sizes for blue gill and crappie!!

From: chris from canada · womoe·at·  Link
Submitted May 28th 2006

Amazing fly!!!

Please , can anyone direct me to a place that I can purchase some zonker strips in that color.

Thanks in advance,
Chris from Canada

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