My very own flybox

My Coastal Saltwater Fly Box for Sea Trout

By Martin Joergensen

This is my fly box. The very box that I carry in my chestpack when I go fishing on the Danish coast. It's a hand made Schweitzer mahogany box, if you're interested - the most stylish type of fly box I have ever owned.
The content varies a bit, but the collection is is a more than fair representation of my favorites. Most of the patterns are shown on this site, and you can find them by clicking on the flies in the box. Below you can read my comments on each of the fly patterns in the box.

Yellow Omoe Brushes
Double Umbrellas
Copper Bullies
Red Tags
More Red Tags
More Copper Bullies
A couple more Red Tags
A couple of long haired ones
Yup... Red Tags
Low water Red Tags
Low water red tags
And the last few Red Tags
Small Frede types
Dark Rabbit-in-a-row sculpins
Light Rabbit-in-a-row Sculpin
Fredes by the row
A couple more Fredes
Red Moyerfokker
Omoe Brushes
Omoe Brushes
Red Moyerfokker
Low water Killer Bugs
Low water Killer Bugs
The flies
This box contains the following patterns:

  • Yellow Omoe Brush - a variation of the usual red Omoe Brush.
  • Double Umbrella - a lightly dressed fly much alike a Big Hole Demon.
  • Copper Bully - an extremely simple, durable and effective spring and fall pattern, which does well in unclear and turbulent water as well as on still and clear days.
  • Red Tag - need I say more...? Actually yes: this pattern is a well proven classic in any water and a fly I would not be without. The red attractor works on sea trout as on most other species.
  • Frede - a Danish fly when they're best. Tied in the Woolly Bugger tradition with all the virtues of the founding father and some good imitation skills.
  • Rabbit-in-a-row - a pattern that has a lot of volume. Not a regular in my box, but has taken a couple of fish in the sunset. Its profile makes it a good darkness pattern. The pattern is not yet represented on the site.
  • Red Omoe Brush - the real deal, but a bit smaller than the original. Still a very good all round pattern.
  • Killer Bug - the simple of simples, but a very good Gammarus imitation for clear water over weed beds.
  • Moyerfokker - just a couple. For a rainy day and for the sake of sheer provocation...
You might miss a few brightly colored flies if you are so disposed, but I would be fine on 39 out of 40 trips with this selection.

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