The Overtaker

Published Nov 8th 2008

Small, black and sexy... and no, it's not lingerie

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A couple of Overtakers

The Overtaker of course owes a lot to the Undertaker - a classical black fly with a green and red or orange butt. In this version, the universal small black fly has donned its tube clothing, and has become a universal small black tube fly, here dressed by Danish tube fly tier Ken Bonde Larsen.

Small black flies are a must in any salmon anglers box. They can be useful in almost any type of water under almost any type of conditions. If the water is very muddy or dark, they may not be as visble as larger, shinier and more colorful flies. But they may very well work there too.

This fly shows that tube flies need not be large flies. The Overtaker on a tube compares to a fly tied on a size 6 or 4 hook, and is a fairly small and compact fly. Again we have used a metal cone in the front, which will make the fly dive sexily towards the bottom when allowed and keep it horizontal when working in the current. You can omit the metal cone or substitute it for a plastic ditto if so inclined.

The Overtaker
TypeTube fly
Ken Bonde Larsen
Year of origin
Target species
Atlantic salmon (sea run)
Steelhead (sea run)

TubeHalf inch black tube with inner tube (FITS)
1st buttOrange tying thread 3/0
2nd buttBright green tying thread 3/0
Tying threadBlack
BodyPeacock colored flash dubbing
1st wing sectionBlack Arctic fox
Wing flashPeacock colored Angle Hair
2nd wing sectionBlack Arctic fox
Front hackleBlack hen
ConeOrange cone or dish

Tying instructions
See the images below

Step 1 - the tube, the tag - Start with a short black tube with inner tube. Create a short tag with orange tying thread
Step 1 - the tube, the tag
Step 2 - another tag - Switch to green tying thread and add second part of the tag
Step 2 - another tag
Step 3 - tag done - Wind the green thread forward, and tie it off
Step 3 - tag done
Step 4 - varnish the tag - It will look better and become a whole lot more durable. Nail polish is perfect for the purpose
Step 4 - varnish the tag
Step 5 - body - Start the black tying thread and dub it with peacock colored dubbing
Step 5 - body
Step 6 - dubbing done - The body is ready for the velcro
Step 6 - dubbing done
Step 7 - velcro - Tease up the body with a velcro stick
Step 7 - velcro
Step 8 - finished body - The body is done
Step 8 - finished body
Step 9 - wing - The first wing section is ready to be tied in
Step 9 - wing
Step 10 - wing butts - One of the tricks to getting a neat front on the fly is to trim the wing butts close to the tying thread
Step 10 - wing butts
Step 11 - flash - Add flash between the two wing sections
Step 11 - flash
Step 12 - second wing section - Measure a second bunch of Arctic fox. Remove all underfur and tie it in
Step 12 - second wing section
Step 13 - hackle - Tie in a black hackle, tip first, shiny side forward
Step 13 - hackle
Step 14 - hackle done - Turn the hackle 3-4 times close to the wing. Tie it down and trim stem
Step 14 - hackle done
Step 15 - cone - Add a bit of glue and slide the cone over the thin tube and press it tightly against the front of the fly
Step 15 - cone
Step 16 - cut the tube - Cut the inner tube close to the cone leaving a bit to melt down
Step 16 - cut the tube
Step 17 - melt tube - Use a lighter flame to melt the inner tube. Make sure the hole in the tube is still open after the melting
Step 17 - melt tube
Step 18 - done - The fly is finished
Step 18 - done

User comments
From: David Shaw · davidshaw13·at·  Link
Submitted September 27th 2011

Iam looking forward to tying some of these flies as the Overtaker really looks the part, Iam a big fan of the FITS extra small turbo disc as it gives small tubed salmon flies a fantatic finish and they fish beautifully.A soft haclkle behind these little discs is a must.

GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·  Link
Submitted March 11th 2009


If you click on the picture you will be able to clearly see what's going on. So no, we're not going to use a white board. Maybe a background, which is slightly less confusing than this one, but not a plain, white board. That is simply too boring! ;-)


From: les cook · cooksofansdell·at·  Link
Submitted March 10th 2009

background doesnot help try a white sight board

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