Published Aug 25. 2015 - 2 years ago
Updated or edited Dec 19. 2015

Fly attached

Here the fly has been attached in both ends using a cylindrical pearl and copper wire.
Martin Joergensen


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Barry, I bought m...


I bought mine at a hobby/craft shop, the kind that has materials for people who sow, knit and work with fabrics. They are essentially clear pearls. The bag contains clear pearls in different lengths. I don't have it where I am now, so I can't check the brand.

You can also cut them yourself from fly tying tube or any similar thin, clear plastic tube, which should be easy to find.


Where do you find th...

Where do you find the cylindrical pearl used to in your fly framing article? I have searched the bead section of a couple of hobby stores but can't seem to find them. What is the length used for most trout fly displays?