Published Aug 25. 2015 - 1 year ago
Updated or edited Dec 20. 2015

H.C. Tube tool

The tool features a rotary threaded part that will shorten the mandrel and pinch the tube very tightly.
Martin Joergensen


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I'm afraid it's not easy to find this tool. As far as I know it's not produced anymore, and you will have to rely on stock. Try some of the Danish online shops and ask: Go Fishing, Korsholm, Sport Dres, Brasholt, Leisuretime and whatnot. Use Google to find them.



I LIVE IN NORWAY AND WAS WOUNDERING IF YOU could HELP me finding someone that sell this item.
I have tried several other tube tying tools but have not found any that i have found satisfactional.
I will bye a spesial tube fly vice eventualy but i dont have the money needed yet

hope to hear from you soon

your web site are very good by the way