The Flex hex

The Flex-HexThe fly that did the Limbata as told by Jim Hauer

By John Nebel

Easier done than told... 2 Flex-Hex's

Two Flex-Hex's. Top: dun with yellow body and wing. Bottom: spinner with cream body and tying thread pattern.

Advantages: folds up, soft = deceit
Tough poly yarn body = endures 20+ fish, snaps dry
Easy casting = no leader twist
Barreled upright wings - Stand'em up = dun, pull'em flat = spinner

So on a good night one fly may be all you need.

2-3" of 8 lb. brown Maxima
Rear body Bright yellow polypropylene yarn
Hook Daiichi 1180, #8
Connection 4 lb. monofilament
Wing For dun: elk and yellow calf tail
For spinner: white calf tail
Front body Bright yellow polypropylene yarn
Hackle grizzly, cree, yellow, ginger or your local choice

Maxima for tail

Set in vise

Cover with poly

Connect to hook

Reverse to strengthen

John Nebel drawings


Find the size - style - color - wing - hackle that fits YOU

If the tails are too long - trim them. Even down to 1/4 inch

Get a rejection?
Fold the Flex-Hex over in half, roll cast and there's a good chance that it lands with a NEW PROFILE = BIG TROUT

...or finger nail the tail...
...or trim the hackle...
...or sink the fly...
...or pop it up...

Flex-Hex tying instructions:
  1. Pinch 8 lb. brown Maxima into vise to form tail section
  2. Set in vise as shown
  3. Tie 6 wraps of black 3/0 Monochord tightly nestled against vise jaws
  4. Tie in yellow polypropylene yarn
  5. Cover first section of Maxima while manipulating to a narrow taper
  6. Bring back poly yarn, tie off and cut
  7. Tie optional criss-cross pattern of tying thread over the rear body between tails and back
  8. Whip finish, cut and varnish
  9. Mount hook in vise
  10. Thread 4 lb. mono through eye in tail section
  11. Tie mono on hook with the link right over the hook bend
  12. Reverse the mono and wrap again to keep the tail from pulling out.
  13. Tie on wing. I prefer to post it in two separate wings with thread
  14. Tie in hackle in front of wing
  15. Cover front body with poly yarn
  16. Wrap hackle, tie down and cut
  17. Whip finish, cut and varnish

© The Flex-Hex is a copyrighted concept and trademark name.
Enjoy it. Tie it. But use the term Flex-Hex only with credit to me (or permission). No Flex-Hex sales w/o contractal permission.

John Nebel
336 Chute
Menasha, WI 54952
Phone: 414-722-4004

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