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Casting Cane

Testing a customer's 8' #4 bamboo fly rod at his request before we ship it out to him.

Overgrown III - Fly Fishing for Wild Brown Trout on an English Stream

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I returned to the same little slice of heaven as the first two videos and found some more lovely wild trout. All fish taken on various emergers and mayflies.

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Overgrown II

A second film on the same stream as last time. This one was shot on a cloudy afternoon about 10 degrees colder than the first video, but the Mayflies didn't seem to mind!


Fly fishing for wild brown Trout on an English Stream. The story of an evening well spent on my favourite overgrown little stream. Armed with a 4' 8" split cane rod and a few mayfly patterns. The sun made filming some shots hard on my own and forgot to lock the exposure a couple of times.

The Forgotten Pool...

Evening on a forgotten pool, who knows what lurks in the depths of this small stream anomaly.
Some shakey handheld footage...

UK Fly Fishing For Pike

Pike around 10lb taken on the last day of the UK coarse season - 14/03/11.