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Intruder part 2

Nile Creek Flyshop: Tying an Intruder part 2


I know I know, there is not a shortage of tying videos about this style of fly. I wanted to do a video on these flies just because of how popular they are. Of course this is my version of this fly, and there are MANY ways of tying an Intruder. I hope you enjoy my rendition. Thanks! Continued in part 2.


This a great fly for pinks! the one fly you should never be without! It has also taken chinook salmon, and I have no doubt a coho would like one too! Hope y'all enjoy! (got ma southerner accent on!)

Aidan's dubbed shrimp

This is just a fly tying video for Aidan's dubbed shrimp, this a very good fly that both Courtney Ogilvie and i(Aidan Darby-Miller) use for pink salmon and remember kids "if you don't have anything nice to say DON"T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!!". hope you enjoy!

The "Dry" Doping Stone

A generic steelhead dry-fly... this little thing has all the goodness required to get LOTS of grabs!

Quik-n-Slik Rabbit Leech

Are you reading this? I guess you are... Why are there video descriptions? Could you answer that in a comment below? Thanks to Connor Murphy for inspiration!!! Look him up on YouTube!

Slight Hackle (pink salmon fly)

Here we have one of the newer pink salmon flies being tied in our shop. With this fly the key is the shape: you need and slender body, big hackle and a tail that sits almost straight off the shank. Just looking at it... you KNOW it will catch pinks. Enjoy!

The SimpleLeech

Here you have another tying video! This time we have added a picture at the start of the video (because of suggestions). Perhaps this particular fly is not so simple, but if you use just rabbit, schlappen, and flash it does end up being a very simple AND very effective steelhead fly. Hope you enjoy!

The WayWester

Yes! Another tying video! The Waywester is a very good fly that both Courtney and I agree is one of the better Coho flies on the beach. Easy to tie, easy to fish, easy to fight fish (with right hook). Hope you enjoy!

The Pink Fuzzie

Here we go! one more tying video. This little fly is truly one of the best! Learn to tie it so you always have some, and like I said with the others, "this is a pink salmon staple". Hope the sound is good, and enjoy!

Dave's fly

Another tying video! This one for the Dave's fly, and what a great little fly! Very good for pink salmon and bonefish and coho! Very simple flies are wonderful. Hope it looks good, Perhaps I should not cut my head off next time! (LOL)

The Orange Eleven

This is very good summer/winter steelhead fly! As far as i'm concerned, this fly has every thing a steelhead fly needs: big lead eyes, rabbit fur, marabou, hackle, and flash. I will also be doing a steelhead dry fly in a later video. Hope this is good!

Beach Clouser MKII

Tying the Beach Clouser MKII

A simple(ish) steelhead fly

Another video! We have a very good steelhead fishery here on "the island". this fly will catch steelhead... in any color. With steelhead flies it's about the "theory", not the pattern. There is only one rule I go by when tying a steelhead fly, It always has lots of motion! Hope you all enjoy!

Beach Clouser

Here we go! How to tie an amazing beach fly. This fly was one of the BEST beach flies we had in the shop this year! The credit for the fly we had in the shop goes to Bob Hessler (he tied the flies for the shop, thanks Bob!). Hope you like it!

Aidan's Lunkerhead

This video shows intermediate tyers how to tie a very good pike/lake-trout/brown-trout/coho/chinook fly! Many uses! For the kinds of trout listed try scaling-down both your trailer and main hook. This fly has gobbs of movment, that is why it works. We at NileCreek really like ClearCureGoo (CCG). Try some.

The steelhead "thingy/splat"

The 11th tying video from us here at nilecreek. as you may know (and you should!) steelhead season is on right now! so that means we will be ting our flys accordingly! please feel free to comment, like, and subscribe, it does allot for the store (and it makes us feel warm inside)! enjoy/enjoy!

C's easy tube: ft."C"

When you tie tube flies there are a few styles to make them... this is the "Courtney Ogilvie" style... in other words, one of the best ways to do it! hope you like it! thanks.

Classic Minnow

As Coho flys go this is the most common way to tie them. this fly doesn't require lots of materials, that is probably one of the reasons it is so effective, popular and easy to tie. Hope you enjoy!

Superfast Random Tube Fly

Alright, alright, alright... maybe it wasn't THAT fast... but still nice fly for Steel... my best fly for Steel in-fact!


Why is there a description? It's a fresh water salmon fly = Coho+Chinooks+Chum


its time for trout... so thats what we will be catering to. do you have a pattern you would like us to tie? send us an email. enjoy!


NileCreekFlyShop: Tying the GORJUS!

Frida (sea-trout fly)

This is quite the little fly! if you have been looking for an unobtrusive sea-trout fly then here it is! hope you enjoy! (<a href="/patterns/frida/">Find the original article here</a>)