Videos by Beattie Outdoor Productions

Dry Fly Fishing Video with Stoneflies and Salmonflies

Spring and early summer marks the arrival of stoneflies and salmonflies on many rivers and watersheds in North America. These giant bugs are a key food source for many trout - resulting in some of the most exciting dry fly fishing of the year. In this fishing video, Jake hunts for rainbow trout under the trees and bushes during the salmonfly and golden stonefly hatch.

Scorpion Expedition: Mike Dawes Intro

Beattie Outdoor Productions has teamed up with Mike Dawes from Worldcast Anglers to bring you a new production for the 2013 fly fishing film tour. This new fly fishing film will follow a crew of anglers on an epic saltwater expedition deep into unknown waters. Follow the adventure online at

Chironomid fishing in BC

Fishing chironomids in Onion Lake, BC

Simms MIdwest Tour: Trailer

In June of 2010 we hit the road, looking for some of the best fishing the midwest has to offer... we quickly learned that two weeks would not be nearly enough time...

When Guiding Goes Gangster

I think the name says it all... when guiding goes gangster. Produced for the Drake Magazine Fly Fishing Video Awards - produced by Beattie Outdoor Productions.

Fly Fishing Redfish & Black Drum

Captain Todd Fuller guides a fly angler on the waters of Florida's East Coast for Redfish and Black Drum. Just a taste of what is to come from filmmaker RA Beattie, Beattie Productions and Fuller's Angling Adventures. Enjoy!

The Bahamas

Fishing for large bonefish in the Bahamas in the usual superior Beattie video style.

Redfish in Texas

Another Beattie clip of the same usual high quality. This time on Fly Fishing for Redfish on the Texas coast.

Chasing hatches

Beattie offers even more footage from his upcoming video Off the Grid. As always sublime.

Off the grid trailer

Breathtaking shots of trout smashing dries during some spectacular insecthatches. Created by the renowned R.A Beattie.

Bonefish and permit

Soothing and sunny fishing in tropical waters catching bonefish and permit, Great quality video shot in Mexico.

Downtown Carp

Fishing for strong and beautiful fish in urban settings.


If there's a thing called fish porn, this is the cum shot compilation (if you'll pardon my French!). One long row of fish taking flies. Neat!