Videos by Brian Elward

A day on the water

Sea Bass fishing with Bassexpress. Bass, Beer and BBQ are there any other great words that start with B???..... Together with my mate Lesley from Bassexpress we went hunting for sea bass for a couple of hours. Conditions weren't all that great but despite the heavy wind and murky water we did manage to find some bass. I shot some clips and made a short video about our morning session, enjoy! The season is just getting started!

Fly fishing for Sea Bass: Port of Rotterdam

During the sea bass season of 2014 I carried along my camera and tripod and tried to capture as many moments as I could. For me fly fishing for sea bass is the pinnacle of fishing. You fish the rough seas, have to scale walls and climb rocks. Tides and weather are key aspects, they can be in your favor but also close the window of opportunity. It is hard on your gear, leaky waders, broken rods, loosing flies all part of the game. It is hard it is a challenge....that is why I do it.
My playground is the Port of Rotterdam, the Maasvlakte. It is a beautifully contrasted arena where nature flows over into industry. Nature thrives in all different shapes and sizes, from the tiniest moss to seals hunting between the ships. I hope to show you some of the wonderful moments I captured during my outings to sea. And yes the shots with the hunting fish are seatrout! We do have them and they are steadily on the incline.
Have fun watching and if you fish for sea bass please practice Catch and Release, there is to much commercial netting in the port already.

music by:
"Highlight Reel" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Many thanks to:
Edwin Kerssies of Dyckers
Lesley Luijer of Bassexpress
and Loop tackle for their great gear

filmed with a Nikon D5100 and 18-55 and 50 mm lens

Sea bass on the fly

When the water temperatures reach 12 degrees Celsius the European sea bass, Dicentrachus labrax, will head up north to our waters and start feeding in our estuaries. They reach our shores around May and stay until the end of October. During these months there is just one fish on my mind and every other fishery is put aside. There is nothing like the take of sea bass or the roughness of fishing the salts. Fishing from shore but also from the boat it brought me to a multitude of spots and learned more and more each visit to the coast. The port of Rotterdam is my hunting ground but further South and North there are ample spots te be found.
This season I took along my camera and tripod and collected clips all through the season and made this movie out of it. It is far from a high quality fly fishing movie but it shows the way I perceive my beloved fishery and I have the chance to let people in on it.
For future generations I hope regulations of harvesting these fish will be changed and that for many years to come this fish will thrive like the Striped Bass in the US. I can only hope.

If you would like to read and see more about fishing for European sea bass have a look on the blog or Facebook sight.

Many thanks to
Edwin Kerssies of Dyckers
Lesley Luijer of Bassexpress
and Loop Tackle for their terrific saltwater rods and reels.

Pike on the fly

A compilation of some of the best pike fly fishing days during the winter of 2013/2014. Fishing large bodies of water from the float tube in search of those massive northern pikes. Cold days, hard wind and large areas makes it a challenging fishery. Not only your endurance will get tested but also your gear.
For such an undertaking we use Loop Cross and Booster rods, Hatch and Loop reels and fish with di7 sinking lines, Searching the depths on our fish finders and trying to spot potential hotspots where these massive beast lie in ambush. If you're lucky you might see a fish on your finder but it's all about bottom structures.
These waters contain loads of pike and days where we land one or two pike over a meter are no exception.

Bluefin Tuna on the fly, Mediterranean Fall run

A pilot trip in search of the mighty Bluefin in tuna. 800 Miles of traveling and 2 days of fishing. A small change but we took it.
In the end it turned out to be an adventure of epic proportions. 11 bluefins were boated in less than 2 days. We fought them with the Loop Cross #12 and the Opti Big reel and the TFO #14 with the Hatch Nine plus reel.
Many thanks to Samuel Elgrishi from Roussillon Fishing