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The second video in the Andreas Andersson Series...the Aino. Andreas's technique of stacking light weight materials on the back and front of the hook shank makes for a super light, yet thick profiled fly.

Cheech Leech

Fly Tying: Clark "Cheech" Pierce's Cheech Leech
Cheech Leech Recipe:
Rear Hook:
Hook - Partridge Attitude Streamer #2
Tail/Body - Simi-Seal

Front Hook:
Hook - Partridge Attitude Extra #2/0
Eyes - I-Ballz
Tail/Body - Simi-Seal
Wing - Marabou
Rubber Legs
Head - Simi-Seal
Top it off with Loon UV

Fly Fishing the Ozarks: Big Fish Edit

I have had SEVERAL requests for a "Big Fish Video" here you go. Big fish, cool people, mediocre camera work---in other words, my forte.

Mongrel Meat

Fly Tying: Clark "Cheech" Pierce's Mongrel Meat

Fly Tying Tip Episode 2: Copic Airbrush

Find all of your Copic Airbrush equipment at

Fly Fishing the Ozarks, 2013 Year in Review

Brian Wise's year in with clients, friends, and family.

Nick Granato's Maximum Cowbell

The next video in the Nick Granato series.....the Maximum Cowbell. Loaded with materials, this articulated streamer is a full bodied beast.

Nick Granato's Ghetto Tramp

The second fly in the Nick Granato Series.....The Ghetto Tramp. Built on a 3-5/0 platform, this large streamer is the real deal. Obviously a musky based fly, this thing can also be stepped down in size to chase anything that eats.

Hook - Gama Rubber Worm Hook
Tail - Flash Blend
Flash - Flashabou
Over Tail - Flash Blend
Flash - Flashabou
Body - Polar Chenille
Wing - Peacock Herl
Rubber Legs - Bass Skirt
Head - Ostrich Herl (palmered)
Eyes - CCG Eyes
Topped off with CCG Thick and CCG Hydro.

Fly Tying Tips - Episode 1, Dubbing Brushes

The first episode of our Tying Tips brings Dubbing Brushes. Whether you are making the for heads (as in the Granato Tying Series), bodies, or hair extensions... dubbing brushes are a GREAT style to have in your tying arsenal.

Fly Fishing the Ozarks, 2013 Winter/Spring Review

Join Brian Wise, his friends, clients, and family as they fish Winter AND Spring, 2013!

Thomas Harvey's Double Rainbow

If you are much of a Nymph fisherman at have caught Rainbow Trout smaller than this fly. If that doesn't get your attention I don't know what will.

Thomas Harvey's Legs For Days

The third fly in the Thomas Harvey series......the Legs For Days. I always say you can NEVER have too many rubber legs, and this pattern could allow an elephant to bungee jump.

Thomas Harvey's Trophy Wife

The second video in the Thomas Harvey (Carolina Fly, find him on Facebook!) series is the Trophy Wife. Now, I figured it would be festive for me to instill the help of MY Trophy Wife to shoot this video.

Thomas Harvey's Wedding Veil

The first video in the Thomas Harvey series of flies.....the Wedding Veil. Thomas is the lead man behind Carolina Fly (, a Southern Culture on the Fly ( contributor, and generally awesome fly designer

Fly Fishing the Ozarks Greatest Hits, 2012

A compilation of one full year of Fly Fishing the Ozarks, with Brian Wise.

Fly Fishing the Ozarks, Fall 2012

Fall fishing in the Ozarks....can't be beat. Join Brian Wise, his friends, family, and clients as they fish through Fall, 2012.

Rich Strolis's Bloodied Baitfish

Brian Wise ties a Rich Strolis pattern....the Bloodied Baitfish.

Mike Schmidt's Reaper

To end the Mike Schmidt series of flies, Brian Wise ties The Reaper.

Fly Fishing the Ozarks -- Summer 2012

Drought, low water, and crazy hot conditions push Brian to try his hand at a fish that he has never chased... Gar. Join Brian Wise, his family and friends as they chase the largest freshwater fish in the mid-west. Brian Wise is the head guide at River of Life Farm on the North Fork of the White River, southern Missouri.

Mike Schmidt's Mufasa

Brian Wise ties a very cool articulated Fish Skull pattern by Mike Schmidt

Fly Tying -- Mike Schmidt's Red Rocket

Another GREAT streamer pattern from Mike Schmidt of Angler Choice Flies as tied by Brian Wise

Mike Schmidt's Voodoo Squatch

The Voodoo Squatch by Mike Schmidt of Anglers Choice Flies ( is a phenominal fat-headed, gnarly fly with TONS of movement.

Fly Fishing the Ozarks -- Spring 2012

Join Brian Wise, his clients, friends, family, and generally awesome people he fishes with as they fish through Spring 2012. With warm-water, cold-water, broken reels, tattoos, and the greatest sunrise EVER, this promises to be one of the best yet.

Mike Schmidt's Meal Ticket

Brian Wise ties Mike Schmidt's Meal Ticket