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New Places - Italian Diaries

Fly Fishing lets you see places you wouldnt otherwise have seen. For some people it might even be the reason for going fishing. In this first episode of their Italy Adventure, Brothers On The Fly take on a beautiful mountain reserve inspite of difficult fishing.

Italian Diaries Teaser

As flyfishermen, one knows that fishing is about so much more than just catching fish. For us, it's sometimes primarily about going places we wouldn't otherwise get to see, in this case Trentino, Italy.

This is a teaser for exciting episodes of this trip! Enjoy!

Brothers On The Fly - Losing Yourself

This is the first video of Season III. This years trip was a bit different in that Lukas and I travelled through Scandinavia independently from each other before uniting with Jan in Northern Sweden.

In this episode I have met a surprise guest, some of you will know.

Brothers On The Mayfly

Mayfly season: The time that keeps most flyfishermen dreaming of that big trout caught on a dry. Once the first mayflies are hatching, however, we often realize that the time of times might not live up to our expectations and memories. What is it for you: A blessing or a curse?

Brothers On The Fly: Small Streaming

Brothers finally got to fish together again. A beautiful summer day on a beautiful small stream, flowing behind the house we grew up in. Making the little time with family count. Childhood memories all over again!

Brothers On The Fly: Season 2 Episode 3 - Flying and Fishing

This is the final Episode of Season II!

We had often talked about taking a trip into the Swedish Mountains, far away from any roads or buildings. In early 2013 we agreed on a river, unavailable to anyonw who isnt willing to walk for days or fly in. We decided to do the latter!


Brothers On The Fly - Old vs. New

All fishermen know the excitement of exploring new waters but also the joy of fishing familiar rivers. In this episode brothers on the fly try out a new river but also return to their favorite one while talking about how they started fishing together.

Yes, On the fly!

Brothers On The Fly - Season II Episode 1.
This is the first episode of Season 2, so if you haven't watched our first film, make sure do to that first.
Arriving in Swedish Lapland where our oldest brother Jan lives, is always very exciting since densely populated Germany just can't keep up when it comes to wild rivers and lakes and wilderness in general. Unsurprisingly, we never waste much time with things unrelated to fishing.......Also, how did Lukas pick up Fly Fishing?!

Brothers On The Fly - Season II Trailer

Brothers On The Fly meet in Swedish Lapland again for Season II!

Season II will not be a single film but a series of webisodes, available for free on and

Brothers On The Fly - It's Still Water...

Every flyfisherman knows that special kind of feeling when the first day of the season is at hand: The end of a long wait, where watching fly fishing films and tying flies just didnt’ cut it. But: It’s still water!

Brothers On The Fly - Swedish Lapland full film

A film about three brothers fishing Swedish Lapland together. Finally the full film!