Videos by Bryan Bowers

Baby Blue Crab Fly

A size four EP style fly imitating a favorite food of redfish everywhere; the baby blue crab.

Sweet Potato Crab

An EP crab tied up in the colors of one of my favorite fall foods; the Sweet Potato.

Deep Throat Bass Fly

A foam fly for bass. It pops, spits, dives, and makes a bubble trail.

PCP fly (Pete's Crease Popper)

My take on the classic crease fly with the addition of a bigger mouth and glass rattle for more fish calling ruckus. Created for redfish in the SC lowcountry, but will work for anything that eats poppers. Exact foam dimensions shown shortly at end of video.

Tarpon Toad Fly

A classical "flat head" tarpon fly, which is found in many variations

Golden Shrimp

Size 4 fly for Redfish. Deadly on sunny days.