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Tony Torrence demonstrates how to tie the time consuming and a bit difficult SKA-OPPER Steelhead Dry Fly. This is a great fly for skating up summer run steelhead. We tried to keep the video as short as we could without compromising the instruction.


Hook: Daiichi 2110 "Bomber Hook"
Thread: Veevus 8/0 and Veevus 150D Gel Spun
Tail: Gold Krystal Flash and Orange Bucktail or Artic Fox Guard Hair
Butt: Fl. Orange Uni-yarn
Wingcase: Brown 2mm Hareline foam and a small pad of Orange 2mm foam
Body: Deer Spinning Hair
Legs: Black and Orange Medium Round Rubber
Hackle: Orange Guinea
"Wing": Deer tied in and splayed
Throat: White Deer Belly Hair

Tube Black Bead Head EP Bugger

Jay Nicholas demonstrates how to tie a super simply wooly bugger style fly on a tube with EP tarantula leg body material.

Shimmer Minnow

Jay Nicholas ties a minnow imitation inspired by Greg Senyo. The pattern utilizes Senyo's Laser Dub and Ice Dub Shimmer Fringe Minnow Back to create a very nice and light minnow imitation.

Great Lakes Shimmer Minnow

Jay Nicholas ties a minnow imitation inspired by Greg Senyo and other great lakes angler fly tiers. The fly is simple to tie and uses light weight flashy materials to create a fish silhouette.

McKenzie Caddis Wet Fly

The McKenzie Caddis emergence on the McKenzie River in Oregon can bring some of the best fish of the year to the fly. The very active insect is best imitated by emerging or adult patterns that have CDC feathers in them. In this video Tony demonstrates how to tie a chewy skin body, CDC thorax imitation that works really well swing and twitched during the McKenzie Caddis Hatch.

Stickel's Solar Flare Variation

Tony Torrence ties a winter steelhead tube fly pattern using arctic fox and barred ostrich. This bad boy will swim! For more fly tying videos, check out

Fly fishing for pike

Hefty fish and hefty music. Hunting pike in Lake Esnagi

Stansberry Pike Fly

Predators like Northern Pike really key in on a bait fish's eyes. These big flashy streamers have huge pupils, great profile and durability with minimal weight.