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Trio Blue Spey

We reworked this from our original pattern that we came up with over a decade ago. This fly uses grey heron and a segmented body that really pops in the water!

The Baby Ostrich Spey

This is a much smaller version of an Intruder style tube fly. Tied on a Snaelda style tube.

General Practitioner Intruder II

Many of the great attributes from the original General Practitioner....with a few different twists. Fast becoming one of our favourite tubes. We tweaked this one up from the first version we did a few years back :-)

The Tippet Tip Spider

A fantastic little tube fly pattern for coastal trout. Tied on Juri Shumakov's weight forward tube, this fly is a winner!

The Gold & Brown Intruder Tube

A friend of our asked for an Intruder style tube in a more natural colour for steelhead and salmon. Instead of the traditional, bright "steelhead colours", this tube fly tones it down a bit!

Fly Tying Christmas Ornaments

A great way to make a nice Christmas gift and show off your fly tying talents. These salmon fly Christmas bulbs look great on any Christmas tree!

Blue Ostrich Spey Intruder

A fantastic salmon and steelhead fly in the Intruder style. Tied using Ostrich Spey feathers from

Whiskey & Soda

Whiskey & Soda - Tube Fly Pattern


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Pink Spade Tube Fly

We've been playing around with Jungle Cock Spade Feathers and really like the look of them as an "under eye" with jungle cock eyes.

Lady Amherst Spey Fly

A not so traditional spey fly that has really produced for us over the years. A winning combination of Lady Amherst centre tail fibers and heron feathers!

Prairie Dog - Tube Fly

A great tube pattern we came up with a few years ago. Tied "in the round" this is a nice simple pattern that works!

Purple Shank

A fantastic steelhead and salmon fly pattern tied on one of our EGRET HEAVY SHANKS

Purple Blossom

Another best selling tube fly pattern tied on Flex Tube. the transparent Flex Tube base of this fly and covering strip of pearl tinsel makes this pattern glow under water.

Chartreuse Lazer Flex Tube Fly

Our best selling tube fly pattern tied on Flex Tube. the transparent Flex Tube base of this fly and covering strip of Lazer Wrap (Edge Brite) makes this pattern glow under water.

Russian Intruder Tube Fly - Turquoise

Here it is, the RUSSIAN INTRUDER TUBE FLY. Our best selling pattern for the past 4 years!

Russian Bullet Tube Fly

A tube pattern from start to finish that uses the late Juri Shumakovs' Russian Bullet style of tube tying!


A start to finish video on how to tie a Popsicle tube fly.

Blue Whisp

An easy to tie "spey" fly that works well on winter steelhead.

Yellow Belly

A Shumakov Long Range Tube that is our favourite for coastal trout.

Purple Flash Fly

This is one of our top flies for Alaskan Salmon. Adapted from the original "Flash Fly" used for yearon the west coast for all species of spawning salmon....... this is the tube version!