Videos by CatchFlyFishing

Eric's Smooth Criminal

This is the new and improved way of tying Eric's Smooth Criminal. Thanks to Flymen Fishing Company and the innovation of the articulated shanks this no longer takes 3 vices to tie and no front hook to cut off.

Catch's Peanut Candy

This video will show you how to tie CATCH's Peanut Candy. You can get the materials for this fly at or your local fly shop.

Musky Mash

How to tie the Musky Mash from CATCH Fly Fishing

Catch's Wiggle Flashabugger

How to tie CATCH's Wiggle Flashabugger

Eric's Smooth Criminal

How to tie Eric's Smooth Criminal

The Grinch

This pattern was designed by Kory Kober out of Columbus, MT. This pattern has proven deadly for the Yellowstone and Stillwater Rivers.

Catch's Pile Driver

This video will show you how to tie Catch's Pile Driver a great pattern for Bass, Musky and Pike.

Rubberlegs Stonefly

This video will show you how to tie the CATCH Rubberlegs, a killer Stonefly pattern on most rivers


This video will show you how to tie the Smokejumper, a great pattern for fish feeding on emergers.

Forrest Jay's Panty Dropper PMD

How to tie Forrest Jay's Panty Dropper PMD

Forrest Jay's UV Eddie Vedder

This fly outfishes the standard Ray Charles 4 to 1. The UV under body really helps with visibility underwater and the fish really pick up on it.

How to make your own Barred Rubber Legs

This video will teach you how to make your own Barred Rubber Legs for hoppers, etc.

Sparkle Grub

The Sparkle Grub Streamer is an excellent pattern for Smallmouth Bass and has grown in popularity over years. In the Midwest this a goto pattern and is getting increasingly popular. It just shows that you don't have to make a fly difficult to catch fish.

Dirk's Mulberry Fly

This is a great Carp Fly designed by Dirk Fischbach shop owner and head guide at Colton Bay Outfitters in Ann Arbor Michigan. When the Mulberries are ploppin', this is the bug you're looking for. You can read more about Dirk in the links below.

Catch's Bug Eyed Bugger

This is a smaller articulated pattern with big eyes and a smaller body, about the size of a size 2 Woolly Bugger. The extra movement and bigger eyes in the water, really get the fishes attention.

Croff's Nervous Néda

This fly was designed by CATCH Fly Fishing's Pro staffer and Fly Designer Phil Croff. This fly has caught a lot of nighttime Browns and should be a fly you carry in your own arsenal.

Phil also designs and builds one hell of a drift boat also!

Eric's Jealousy

This Pattern has proven very effective and moves a lot of water.

Catch's Cousin It

This is a weightless articulated fly that has proven itself again and again. This is a must have streamer in your box.

Eric's Excalibur

An easy to tie, highly effective streamer that holds together.

Nervous Néda

This pattern was developed by Phil Croff, who is a Signature Tyer for CATCH Fly Fishing. Phil Croff also makes an amazing Drift Boat.

The Devil's Tickler

Tying instructions for CATCH Fly Fishing's Musky pattern called The Devil's Tickler.