Videos by David Palmer

Wonder Wrap Midge

A very durable, realistic and effective midge pupa imitation for the Bighorn River

Quill Nymph

The ubiquitous baetis nymph pattern for the Bighorn. Year in and year out, this simple fly is one of the most effective spring patterns.

Sunken Trico Spinner

Any good mayfly hatch leaves a lot of spent spinners on the water after they have mated and laid eggs. The trico is one of the biggest hatches in the late summer on the Bighorn River. After these adults hit the water, they eventually sink, giving the trout an abundance of food. Once the fish stop feeding on the surface, a trico spinner can be effective for hours after a thick hatch.

Jailbird Midge

The Jailbird Midge is another highly effective midge pupa pattern for the Bighorn River and other places where midges are a prominent food source.

Twinkle Midge

The Delektable Twinkle Midge is a very effect midge pupa pattern for the Bighorn River and other tailwaters. The glass bead makes the fly undulate in the water and also mimics an air bubble stuck to the midge

Evazote Splitback PMD nymph

This fly highlights the prominent split back attribute of pre-hatch PMD nymphs

Bighorn River PMD nymph

Chocolate PMD nymph for the Bighorn River

Randy's birthday tricos

Randy celebrates his 70th birthday fishing a trico hatch on the Bighorn River

Flash Bang Midge

An effective midge pupa emerger for the Bighorn River and other tailwaters.