Videos by Davie McPhail

Parmachene Belle

Materials Used;

Hook, Kamasan B170 size 10
Thread, Uni-8/0 Yellow or Black
Tag, Silver Tinsel
Tail, White and Red Duck
Butt, Dyed Black Rhea or Ostrich
Rib, Flat Silver Tinsel
Hackles, White Hen and Dyed Red Cock or Hen
Wing, Duck Quills White, Red and White in Equal parts..

Stonefly Gadger

Materials Used;

Hook, Kamasan B160 size 10
Thread, Uni-8/0 Black or Grey
Tail, Hackle Stems
Body, 2mm Grey Foam
Wing, Krystal Flash and Grey Hackle Tips
Legs, Knotted Melanistic Pheasant Tail Fibres
Thorax, Grey Squirrel Body Fur mixed with UV Lite-Brite or similar and Roe Deer along the back in stages as you would tye a Sedgehog...

Orange & Peacock Spider Wet Fly

Materials Used.

Hook, Kamasan B170 size 14
Thread, Uni-8/0 Black
Ribs, XS UTC Black Wire
Body, Peacock & Orange Uni-Mylar Number 14
Hackle, Black Hen

Organza Grey Boy Buzzer

Materials Used;

Hook, Kamasan B110 size 10
Thread, UTC 70 Black
Rib, White Organza Ribbon
Body, Dyed Black Pheasant Tail
Wingbuds, Dyed Hot Orange Goose Biots
Thorax, Black Seals Fur or Sub
Breathers, Number 16 (White) Glo-Brite Yarn

Black Pennell

Materials Used;

Hook, Size 14
Thread, Uni-8/0 Black
Tail, 6 to 8 Golden Pheasant Tippet Fibres
Rib, Oval Silver Tinsel
Body, Black Floss
Hackle, Dyed Black Hen


Materials Used;

Hook, Kamasan B175 size 10
Threads, Uni-8/0 Fire Orange and Black
Tail, Dyed Sunburst Golden Pheasant Crest
Rib, Gold Wire
Body, Gold Tinsel
Hackle, Hot Orange Hen
Wing, Peacock Sword Tail
Eyes, Jungle Cock

Organza Orange Krafla Shrimp

Materials Used;

Hook, Mustard Double size 6
Thread, Uni-8/0 Fire Orange
Feelers, Peccary Bristles or Grizzle Hackle Stems
Legs, Chinese Cock Hackle dyed Coral
Body, White and Orange Organza Ribbon

Detached Body Lake Erie King

Materials Used;

Hook, Kamasan B160 size 14
Thread, Black Uni-8/0
Body, Natural Peacock Herl
Wings, Grizzle Hackle Tips
Hackles, Grizzle and Furnace Cock

Grey Monkey

Materials Used;

Hook, Ken Sawada Black Spey size 8
Thread, UTC Yellow Olive and Black Uni-8/0
Tag, Old Gold Tinsel
Tail, Mallard Flank Feather
Rib, Oval Gold Tinsel
Body, Yellow Floss and Grey Squirrel Dubbing
Wing, Grey Mallard
Eyes, Jungle Cock

Small Double Grouse & Claret

Materials Used;

Hook, Kamasan D270 size 14
Thread, Uni-8/0 Black
Tail, Dyed Hot Orange Golden Pheasant Tipper
Rib, Oval Gold Tinsel
Body, Claret Seals Fur Dubbing or Sub
Wing, Grouse Secondary Feather Rolled to form Wing
Hackle, Black Hen
Eyes, Jungle Cock Optional

Tan CDC Bubble Caddis

Materials Used;

Hook, Kamasan B170 size 14
Thread, Dark Brown 8/0 Uni-Thread
Wing, Natural or Dyed Tan CDC
Body, Natural Dubbing dyed Tan
Legs, Roe Deer
Thorax, Natural Dubbing dyed Tan
Horns, Bronze Mallard Fibres

Iron Blue Soft Hackle

Materials Used;

Hook, Kamasan B170 size 14
Thread, Pearsalls Red Gossamer Silk
Tag, Red Thread
Body, Natural Mole, Rabbit and UV Lite-Brite mixed together to form a nice dubbing..
Hackle, A Dark Body Feather from a Starling

Organza Stone Clinger Nymph

Materials Used;

Hook, Size 12
Thread, Uni-8/0 Light Cahill
Tail, Badger Guard Hairs dye Yellow Olive
Back, Brown Nymph Skin or Similar
Rib, Gills, Gold Yellow Organza Ribbon
Body, Light Yellow Mink Dubbing or Similar
Legs, Dyed Yellow Brown Partridge Hackle
Thorax and Head Cover, Light Yellow Olive Raffia
Thorax, Light Yellow Mink Dubbing
Eyes, 12b Yellow Nylon

Organza McPhail Caddis Pupa

Materials used;

Hook, Size 12 Grub
Thread, Uni-8/0 Light Cahill
Body, Yellow Organza Ribbing Cut to Size..
Back, Brown Nymph Skin or Similar
Thorax Cover, Brown Nymph Skin or Similar
Legs, Dyed Yellow Brown Partridge Fibres
Thorax, Brown Seals Fur or Sub
Eyes, 12b Yellow Nylon
Horns, Bronze Mallard

Jig Hook Muddler

Materials Used;

Hook, Jig Hook
Thread, Uni-8/0 Red
Rib, Gold Tinsel
Body, Red Seal Fur or Sub
Body, Ginger Cock
Legs, Pheasant Tail Fibres
Head and Collar, Roe Deer

Three Killer Nymphs

Materials Used;

Hook, Kamasan B175
Thread, Extra Small Copper Wire
Tail, Pheasant Tail Fibres
Body, Pheasant Tail, Natural Dubbing and Killer Bug Yarn
Thorax Cover, Pheasant Tail and Natural Dubbing

Parachute Red Ant

Materials Used;

Hook, G-Piont Light Buzzer size 16
Thread, Uni-8/0 Orange or Red
Body, Orange or Red Thread
Rib, Natural or dyed Brown Peacock Quill
Thorax, SLR Dubbing Fiery Brown
Hackle, Fiery Brown Cock
Wing, Glo-Brite Yarn No 16 White

Antistatic Buzzer

Materials Used;

Hook, G-Piont Buzzer Light size 12
Thread, UTC-70 Black
Body, Anti-Static Sealed Bag cut to size..
Wing-Buds, Siver Holographic Lite-Brite
Thorax Cover, Medium Opal Mirage Tinsel
Coat Fly with UV Resin and Varnish to finish...

Organza Pheasant Tail Nymph

Materials Used;

Hook, Size 14 Grub
Thread, Uni-8/0 Fire Orange
Bead, 2.5mm Tungsten Gold
Tail, Pheasant Tail Fibres
Tag, Fire Orange Thread
Body, Diamond Brite Chocolate Brown
Rib, Dyed Fiery Brown Organza Ribbon
Thorax Cover Pheasant Tail
Thorax, Diamond Brite Black Peacock
Legs, Pheasant Tail Fibres..