Videos by FlatlandFlyFisherman

Before the Ice

Film & Edit by: Mike Mazzoni
Music by: Broke for Free (put on your headphones to do justice on this incredible beat)
Thanks to Scott Pizza and Andrew Thompson for catching fish
Instagram: @FlatlandFlyFisherman
Twitter: @FlyFishFlatland

Utah Fly Fishing - Falcon's Ledge Lodge Promo

This is a short film produced and edited by Mike Mazzoni highlighting the Utah fly fishing experience found at Orvis Endorsed Falcon's Ledge Lodge, Utah's premier fly fishing destination.

Flatland Fly Fisherman - Transition

A short film combining many days that I should have been in class with hours I could have been studying. Fly fishing and film/photography are some of my passions and I figured I could put something together to document the beauty of the Kansas River, beyond the tires and car batteries. If you like it, thank you. No matter what I'll be heading back down to the river as soon as this is posted. Follow me on Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr for similar goodies. Tight lines friends.