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Michigan Fly Fishing

December 2015 Review - Steelhead Edition
Fly Fish the Mitt video review for the month of December 2015.

The steelhead fishing has picked up since last month. A couple good rain events got fish up in the system. The fish acted a lot more like feisty, scrappy October steelhead as apposed December.

Things were good enough this month I'm planning on doing a 2nd video also.

All video was shot using a GoPro4.

Michigan Fly Fishing II

December 2015 Review - Part II
I had a bunch of extra GoPro video from December so I thought I'd throw another quick clip together. Some trout, some steelhead and some goofing off.

All video was shot using a GoPro4.

Big Eyed Boogieman (Galloup Variation)

This bug is a variation of Kelly Galloups Boogieman.

Materials (in order of tie)

Back Hook
Gamakatsu B10S #2
Holographic Rainbow Flashabou
White Marabou
UV Polar Chenille Gold
Mallard Flank

Front Hook
Gamakatsu B10S #1
Holographic Rainbow Flashabou
White Marabou
UV Polar Chenille Gold
Mallard Flank
Clear CureDumbbell Eyes


This tying video was put together for the Revive Fly Fishing online magazine (
I was asked to come up with a fly using a Misfit Halo Head ( I used the large Misfit Halo Head and combined it with a Deceiver type fly. The girth of the head pushes water over the body giving the schlappen and grizzly hackles (and the whole fly) a ton of movement. This is a good size fly that could be used for pike or hunting big trout.
Materials in order from back to front.
Rear Hook:
Daiichi 2461 2/0
Grizzly Schlappen
Grizzly Hackle
UV Polar Chenille
Lateral Scale
Articulated flies using Beadalon 19 strand wire.
Front Hook:
Daiichi 2461 4/0
Grizzly Hackle
UV Polar Chenille
Barred Strung Neck Hackle
Lateral Scale
UV Polar Chenille
Grizzly Hackle
Laser Dub
Misfit Halo Head

Donati Vortex

Before the so called "Polar Vortex" kicked in we had some of the better steelhead fishing I've seen. Joe (Donati) was the precursor to the cold months that were unknowingly ahead of us. He wrecked steelhead in his path with ice in his veins....we witnessed a Donati Vortex. Here's a few clips from a couple outings before things froze up. Enjoy!

See more stuff from on the website, facebook and youtube.

Grapefruit Leech

This fly tying video was put together for the Revive Fly Fishing online magazine (
The fly is the Grapefruit Leech. It's a steelhead swing bug designed by Kevin Feenstra ( The fly has proven to be a very effective swing bug for Great Lakes steelhead.
The material and instructions for the Grapefruit Leech can be found on Kevin's site at

Hook: Daiichi 2461 or equivalent 3xl streamer hook size 4-2/0
Tail: Black Marabou with sparse red flash
Hackle: Black or Purple Schlappen
Body: Black Marabou Feather
Collar: Large Mallard Flank
Flash: Combination of Green, Silver, and Blue Flashabou
Head: Fuchsia large cactus chenille followed by a veil of chartreuse ice dub

FFM 1st Six 2013 (half)

This is part 1 fishing highlights of the first half of 2013. The full video was over the limited 500mb so part 2 will be next week.

Blane Chocklett's Game Changer

The Game Changer is a fly created by Blane Chocklett using Fish Skull Fish Spine's. These connected shanks allow this bait fish pattern to freely move in a realistic fashion. Thanks to Revive Fly Fishing for hosting the online eMag and Flymen Fishing Company for supplying the tools to bring this video together.


Zudbubbler is a killer bass popper created by Matt Zudweg. (

Mickey Frankenbubbler

Bass popper by day, trout mouse by night. The body of this bug is like Tommy Lynch's ( white bellied mouse, one of the most natural and realistic looking mouse patterns out there. He dialed in the the rear articulated portion of the body to hang just below the surface, alot like a real mouse swims. I wanted to push a little more water with it so I added Matt Zudweg's ( Zudbubbler head to it. This bug makes a alot of racket to attract day time bass and night time trout.


Fatbanger is an articulated sculpin pattern. The fly doesn't really have an official name but is called what it is based on 2 flies I've done well on in the past. The bug as a whole looks a little like Kelly Galloup's ( Fathead and the body is similar to the Headbanger and Hogsnare designed by Rich Strolis ( I sort of merged the two and ended up with this.
Materials are shown in the video.
Music: Spitfire by Porter Robinson

Fly Fish the Mitt FFM 2012 Review - First Six Months

I spent a lot of time on the water in 2012 and a short video can't do it justice. I've put together a few clips for the first 6 months and hope to get time soon to finish the rest of the year.

Still Winter

Every year around this date the expectation is for the weather to be warmer. The plan was to streamer fish but 20 degree temps and wind chills in the teens said otherwise, it's still winter. Last year at this time it was in the mid 70's. The alternative was to chase steelhead, no one ever said this was a bad backup least I hope not.

Grouse Hex

Grouse are fast and hard to take down. I believe worn boot soles, sweat and blood earn a little something more turning it around. Everything has to come toghether to make it happen; conditions, dogs, shooters I like to think that using grouse feathers to build a steelhead bug gives a fish a little more incentive. It feels like something has come full circle. It's probably not true at all but confidence is everything.

BBC Salmon Parr

BBC is a simple to tie, effect salmon parr pattern we fish for steelhead. It most commonly gets hammered on the end of a drift when, it's kind of like a little streamer. I like to tie streamers so I'll consider this a micro streamer.

The fly was built by a buddy in a late night bug tying frezny. It didn't have a name at the time. We were getting shut out one day and he pulled the unknown bug out of a box, said try this. I declined, another guy tied it on. First drift he got bit so opted for one also. A couple drifts in I was also hooked up. The BBC was born when some dropped these "Bitches Be Crazy".

Daiichi 1650 #8
Senyo Laser Dub Silver Minnow Belly
Mallard Flank 3-4 fibers
Steelhead Orange Yarn
Mirage 5/32 Eyes with Zap-A-Gap

Arkansas 2013

Fly fishing Arkansas.


Sculpceiver - Articulated bug, part sculpin part deceiver.

Rear hook
Daiichi 2461 #1
Schlapen Tails
Cactus Chenille
Farrar's Flash Blend

Front Hook
Daiichi 2461 #2
Deer hair reverse tie top and bottom
Cactus Chenille
Deer hair reverse tie top and bottom
Farrar's Flash Blend
Deer hair spun