Videos by FlyFishVideo

Elements of Saltwater Fly Design with Dr. Aaron Adams

Dr. Aaron Adams discusses the elements of fly design he considers when designing or tying a fly. Areas covered include color, shape and profile. Filmed at the 2013 First Coast Fly Fishers Annual Banquet Day.

Simple Chironomid Midge Fly

Don Bishop demonstrates tying a simple chrionomid "blood worm" midge fly, great for trout. This fly uses simple techniques to produce a great looking fly.

Filmed at the 2013 Federation of Fly Fishers Fair in West Yellowstone, Montana.

Music by SmartSound.

Layne Smith's Lefty Krey's Bonefish Fly

Layne "Smitty" Smith demonstrates tying his bonefish fly pattern. As well as a great fly for bonefish, it can also be used for Redfish and Sea Trout when tied in different variations.
Filmed at the 2013 FFF Florida Fly Fishing Expo in Crystal River, FL.
Music by SmartSound

Chili Demon Fly

Tony Spezio demonstrates tying his Chili Demon Fly, an effective fly for trout and smallmouth.Filmed at the 2009 FFF Southern Council Conclave in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

Tying the Mighty Mite Hellgramite

Diane Blair demonstrates tying Michael Verduin's Mighty Mite Hellgrramite pattern. This is a great pattern for smallmouth bass or any fish that feeds on hellgramites.

Tying a Bendback Fly with a Twist

Captain Mel Simpson demonstrates tying his variation on the bendback fly. By adding the extra bend to the eye of the hook, the fly takes on new life in the water. A great fly for Snook and other species that feed on minnows.