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E-Z Buzzer (Epoxy Buzzer)

Here is a quick, bomb-proof, easy to tie buzzer (chrinomid) pattern with great segmentation that can be tied in whatever colour or size you so desire to match the buzzers/chironomids to the waters you fish.

Hot Spot Cased Caddis

A great buggy looking point fly for river's that host 'mothers day caddis' hatches. Very effective at high water, due to it's tungsten bead/lead weight giving it a quick decent. Tying on a good jig hook allows the fly to ride point up, not only maintaining it's sharp hook point, but also reducing the ammount of snags you'll encounter phenomenally!

Orange Butt Hare's Ear Jig

Jigs can be killers

Elk Lake Special

A large and bushy fly

Sparkle Pupae Jig Variant

A variant of the classic "Lefontaine's Deep Sparkle Pupae" tied on a Hanak H400BL Jig hook.


Here is a down-sized "buck bug" variant that has been very productive for site-fishing to feeding cutthroat in the salt'. There's just something about the colour yellow and cutthroat trout dry flies.

Drop Bead Cased Caddis

This video will show you how to create and rig a 'drop bead' as well as how to tie a simple and effective fast sinking cased caddis using a 'drop bead' to make a standard wetfly hook ride point up, similar to a jig hook.

UV Booby

A booby fly from Flyblaster

French Nymph Variant

A nymph from Flyblaster