Videos by JB

Baby fish for Asp

Simple and easy to tie baby fish for Asp. I have used synthetic materials only:
- Ice dub UV
- Senyo's laser dub
- craft fur
- 3d epoxy eyes

Let's play...flytying - Episode 1

[Let's play...flytying] Episode 1: wet fly for chub
I'm trying to get my son into fly tying, for now it looks fun to him.
This is the first episode where David, (almost) 8 years old, is tying a wet fly for chubs. This fly caught a few nice fishes for me. Can't wait for the summer to take him out for fly fishing...with the flies he tied :)

Copper Tail

Materials list:
Nylon Hair,
saddle feathers,
flashabou – copper and silver,
Pro Softhead,
epoxy 3D eyes,
extra select craft fur

Streamer for pike - easy to tie

While fishing on a small river, there's no point to use big streamers, as the pikes are not that big so I was using this one which is about 16cm long but with nice volume and movement.
Materials list:

- Daiichi 2463 #5/0 hooks (
- fluoroflash
- flashabou (
- baitfish emulator flash
- Pro softhead
- 8mm epoxy eyes
- saddle feathers

Track: Argatu' - Sui la deal, cobor la vale

Tube fly for pike

A simple tube fly for pike (I suppose should work for muskie, too), easy to cast with 9wt rod. For the tail I improvised some blending from super hair fiber (found on ebay) and pseudo marabou, but a large variety of materials should do a good job for that.

Materials list:

- 4mm hard tube
- Super hair fiber (
- pseudo marabou
- flashabou
- saddle feathers
- baitfish emulator flash
- craft fur
- ostrich herl
- fish mask
- epoxy eyes

The Runner - pike streamer

About 24cm long, 5 grams weight, it's easy to throw it with 9wt fly rod. This articulated pattern got a few nice pikes already

Bunker streamer

A pattern I saw on's forum, made usually using polypropylene fibers but llama hair works as well.