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Music: "Out of the Fuzz", written and performed by Jazz & Fly Fishing

The Glory Map

The season of 2014 was quite special with a heatwave in lapland pushing temperatures pushing 30°C regularly for weeks. We knew it was hopeless. But there's always a plan B.


A little something from the first dry fly day of the season. <br /><br /> Music: "Funghi Perfecti" performed and written by Jazz & Fly Fishing

A Trout Called Janne

Music by Jazz & Fly Fishing

The Curse

The fourth and final chapter of Season Two is finally here.


PS! Press CC for subtitles in English or Finnish.

The Truth

Summer´s here, and so is episode 3!


The Sacrifice

Easter is over, and Season Two Episode 2 is here.
Press CC for English subtitles, and enjoy!

The Only Way Is Up

The way too long wait is over: Jazz & Fly Fishing´s Season Two is here! Season Two Episode 1: The Only Way Is Up

Jazz & Fly Fishing Season Two Trailer

Jazz & Fly Fishing Season 2 will be released digitally this winter, as four fifteen minute episodes. Completely for free.


One man, one camera, one fish, one situation. Plus some experimenting with the out-of-focus shapes with different lenses.
Music by Jazz & Fly Fishing
Gear: Canon 60D with Tokina 11-16 f/2.8, Tamron 28-70 f/2.8, Minolta Rokkor 58 f/1.2, Meyer Görlitz 135 f/2.8
Thanks to Imago Fly Fishing and J:son Match'n Catch!

Rod or not

Lately, we´ve received a lot of emails from people asking the same question: which is better - a rod without a cast or a cast without a rod? Here´s the answer.

Frog of Fire

Some scenes from a wilderness river on Nordkalotten, August 2012.
Music: "Babuschka", written and performed by Jazz & Fly Fishing

It's Hardly Ever Like That

Life above the arctic circle has its ups and downs.
Music: "Flawless Bear"
Written and performed by Jazz & Fly Fishing

Eternal Summer

Music: "Why Tjörn?" composed and performed by Jazz & Fly Fishing, and "Tapdance" composed by Tapani Toivanen and performed by Jazz & Fly Fishing

Picking Blueberries

On June 14th, I grabbed my camera and my fly rod and went to one of my favorite areas to fish and film a little bit. Beautiful scenery, beautiful fish and a not-so-beautiful man. Bon appetite!

J&FF Season One Trailer

Finally, the long wait is over: Jazz & Fly Fishing Season One will be released 25th of May!

It's Your Fault

A short edit from Jazz & Fly Fishing's tour in Poland, September 2011.

The Only Way Is Up

We've started working on a brand new documentary about ourselves, and here's an edit of some the first material we recorded during winter/early spring 2011. We´ll record throughout 2012, and the film will be out in the early months of 2013.

Love, Arctic Char Style

Spawning arctic char in beautiful Savalen, Norway. Music: "Ranjit Prasad" performed by Jazz & Fly Fishing

Northern Exposure II

Northern Exposure pt II: Trout Latency. On a blistering hot summer day last week, I travelled to one of my favourite trout rivers up north. The fishing was very slow indeed, but eventually I managed to find two big trout. The first one ignored my attempts completely in the ultra-bright conditions, making me feel clumsy.
The second one was rising steadily in the late evening, gulping down whatever insects the stream carried. It took my mayfly pattern on the first cast.

The Shadow Cast Competition

Jazz & Fly Fishing's 2011 Shadow Cast Competition. Do not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
Send them a video of your best and most creative Shadow Cast right now – eternal fly casting glory awaits you! <a href="">Submit your entry here</a>.

Les Vaches et les Mouches

"Cows and Flies" - Another beautiful spring day above the arctic circle. This time, the weather was on my side, and I had a fantastic day, catching several beautiful trout on the dry fly and communicating with the local cattle. Cows are much more intelligent than you might think!

2 Fast 2 Furious

A huge storm was coming in from the North Atlantic, giving me just a few minutes to fish the calm before the storm.
Driven to a frenzy by the river´s feasting trout and further aggrevated by the sound of some guy drilling a hole for a flag pole outside his summer cottage, I experienced some severe strike problems. Somehow, I managed to cool down just before the storm hit the river and made fishing and filming impossible.