Videos by Jensen Fly Fishing

6th order

We spend a lot of time searching for the smallest waters, hoping for the one or two moments a day with good trout. Some days we walk many kilometers and the scenery is our reward. Most of the time we are rewarded, stumbling onto several good trout in what should be the most impossible locations. In this short, ankle deep water awaits. Dave's nervous for not wanting to screw up what proved to be an amazing moment on a stream that babbled out of the mountain side 300m upstream.

The Way of Things

In all the years of filming brown trout, this captures the 'why'. Why brown trout, why we travel to New Zealand, why we love our home waters in Alberta, why we love small streams. Any time I can get so engaged with a brown trout in tight quarters, any time the result isn't a given, and any time you have to do unconventional things, that's what I love. I'm a little intense, I get quiet and curt while intense, and if you can get past my sarcastic tone as this unfolds, there's some neat stuff in this one. I was stuck with having to sit on my bum while doing a left handed chop cast into a deceptively strong wind to avoid the trees behind me - which come into play quickly. That left handed chop cast induced a downstream take and I knew that meant "WAIT!" on the hook set. After that the video essentially becomes a promo for The Orvis Company 4X Super Strong Tippet. This is bang on me -- what I love. If there's any doubt, any unpredictability in the fishing, that's what engages me. This one did.

Tussock Tango

In New Zealand each year we spend 1/2 our time fishing the small -- tiny streams of the Tussock Lands. The fly fishing is as "unpredictable as", with large browns and hot rainbows in streams that can literally disappear under a canopy of overhanging tussock grasses. Of course, the brutal Nor'Westers that sweep across the landscape at 140+kmh when heavy rains batter the west coast of the islands. The tussocks themselves are a neat micro-habitat for various birds, bugs, and trout. The angle of the forthcoming film is simply that -- the intensity and the discovery of some wonderful moments fly fishing in such unpredictability -- you never know what's going to happen when you hook into a 4 -- 12 lb brown or rainbow in these small streams.

In Our Time

We're fortunate to enjoy 3 months fly fishing the South Island of New Zealand each year. On each trip, our time, we're completely engaged in the fly fishing, the landscape, the birds, beech forests, tussock lands... and we simply lose ourselves during that time. Of course, the fly fishing is spectacular - both easy as and tough as, but that's how it goes. In Our Time is in reference to not only what we do, but how the New Zealand trout go about their business of feeding - they'll get there they say 'In Our Time". Each scene of this short video represents the end game of a lot of planning of where & when to fish, getting the right camera position, tramping 1km or 10 hours, and enjoying our time. Of course, if you are fortunate enough to spend that amount of concentrated, communicative time with your spouse and understand that kind of commitment, this video also represents a lot of intense quality time together. And that's us, Dave & Amelia Jensen