Videos by Johnny Utah

Diving caddis

Slight variation to LaFontaines diving caddis

Snowshoe cripple

Detailed instruction

Hackle Stacker adams emerger

Detailed instructions

Flutter stone

Detailed fly tying instruction

Utah's Marauder

My marauder has been severing me well on many outings. Have fun tying and fish it. :)

Wiggle Nymph

Here is a way to tie a wiggle nymph, its rather simple and the fly is effective for many hatches, but here I tie one that i use for hendrickson hatches. You can vary the colors of the ostrich herl to get different colors and combine different colors for some neat looking nymphs.
Thread- brown
Tail- ostrich herl
Abdomen- ostrich herl
Wing case- flat diamond braid
Thorax- brown rabbit with antron
Legs- Dark partridge
Music- Grateful Dead- He's gone

Tups indispensable flymph

Here is a flymph I put together some time ago, its based off of tups indispensable. It has served me very well, and I hope it will do the same for you. The dubbing blend i used was white, and pink rabbit, with hares mask, and pink u.v. ice dub.

Royal flymph

Here is a flymph i tie and fish, it is of coarse based off a royal coachman. Tie some up and fish'em.

Blue wing olive (bwo) variant

This pattern can be tied in a multitude of color combos, just change the hackle color, and thread colors. Great for small mayflies.

Tying the Oddball Quill Gordon with Johnny Utah

The Oddball quill gordon as described in Ed Engles book Tying small flies is a great fly for imitating all sorts of mayflies. Its one of my favorites. Sorry about the video being a long one, but i do give good instructions through out that i feel are very important to the tying of the fly. I can tie this fly in about 6-7 minutes when im not talking. lol. So dont be intimidated, Twist these guys up and fish them, the trout love'em. Tutorial and ingredients can be found here on our web site - link below.