Videos by Kimbo

A Relentless Pursuit

A group of friends make annual trips to fly fish for steelhead traveling by pontoon boats on the Grande Ronde River in search of headspace and the big game fish of fresh water angling.

Slim & Jimbob's Excellent Odyssey of the Fishon River

Fishing buddies Slim & Jimbob return to backpack deep into a remote and wild river in Idaho to fly fish for some vivid, westslope, cutthroat, trout in stellar surroundings. In this land of elk, wolves, moose, cougar and bear where they have rarely experienced people they were treated to great fishing and a night interrupted by hauntingly, unnatural sounds in this wild environment.

Salmon Flies and Side Channels

After meeting a fellow named "Kristo" and spending late winter and spring fly fishing in small, desert, creeks with wary trout and deciding our fishing styles were compatible I joined him on his Big Sky, dream hatch, adventure. We were chasing the Salmon fly and Green Drake hatch and roaming the two sides of the continental divide, fly fishing in some of Montana's fabled waters through fire and storms.

The Rabbit Hole

Well they call it "Fishing", not "Catching" for a reason. Following multiple premonitions including a choice to use heavier rods Kris and Kimbo take on the challenge of new water. Under a blustery, wet and unseasonable chilly sky things don't go as planned including a face forward fall into the stream early. Undaunted they press on finally getting a glipse of the golden hour they will get when they pass through "the Rabbit Hole"!

Rhythm 'n' Steppe

A beautiful day of fly fishing in the unique trout fishery of North America's Scrub Steppe habitat. A new angler also catches her first trout.