Videos by Marcus Sies

Trout in plain sight

During the past summer months of January, February and March I have been shooting a documentary about fly fishing in Chilean Patagonia and The Patagonian BaseCamp Lodge. Equipped with my camera and a couple of lenses I have been on the water with their guides and anglers for 42 days. Paco Paquerro, a well known Chilean musician, wrote music exclusively for the movie. The full documentary will be released in 3 weeks on YouTube and Vimeo.


a FLY-FOCUS production

directed, shot and edited by Marcus Sies

Thanks to:
Marcel Sijnesael - The Patagonian BaseCamp Lodge
Paco Paquerro - Musician

In search of the perfect loop

Flycasting by FFF Master Instructor Christopher Rownes. Location: River Doubs, France/Switzerland. A FLY-FOCUS production.

Fly Focus

Great video from a bunch of German guys. Beautifully filmed - again with a digital SLR-camera. Producer <a href="/pix/gallery.php?submitter=b8c93458d848">Marcus Sies is a known profile in our picture gallery</a>.