Videos by Markus Hoffman

No hackle baetis

A no hackle baetis tied with a cdc upwing with inspiration from Stig M Hansen.A great fly to use as the smaller baetis are hatching.

Caddis Larvae Overworked 2015

Tying a realistic size 14 caddis larvae.

The Viola fly

How to put 2 cdc wings on top of the hackle. A small midge pattern almost like a hairdresser midge with hackle.

Folke Fly

A quick caddis fly tied in Roy Christies reversed parachute style.


Inspired by many, many, many flies I made this one. Could look like a lot of things, but the main plan is to have it float just below the surface. Like a Klinkhamer without the hackle. Tying the cdc feathers behind the legs makes it more balanced. Tight tying threads folks!

Hoffmans extended mayfly quill body

This way of making an extended body is useful for any extended bodies. Airfilled and transparent if you want. The first one I made was on a hatching caddis, and only becuase I was triggered to do it by the French flytyer Alexandre Bonnet. This is a very easy way to create a realistic body, and the uv flex is durable enough to catch the fish of your dreams on! Tight lines!

The hairdresser mosquito

Tying a Swedish pattern created by Patrik Johansson.

Noah´s Devil

A swimming caddis pattern i call Noahs Devil inspired by The Devil Bug among others. Music is The tallest man on earth with the killer tune " Love is all". Location for this movie is Lapland Sweden near Saxnäs.

Dyret - The Animal

My favourite dry fly tied my way. Gunnar Bingen from Norway is the creator of this fantastic pattern. The original is with deer hair and antron yarn, but i have made some changes. My version of Dyret is a killer fly for northern Grayling. The colours can be variated in many ways, but popular colours is olive and light brown. Hackle is long compared to many other similar flies. Normal hook sizes is 10-16. Good luck with this killer fly!!!

Coregonus albula Siklöja

Tying a small baitfish called siklöja in Sweden (Coregonus albula). Using small down from the Brahma and capercaillie´s breast feathers base. Deer creek Fisheadz combined with Deer creek uv flex makes this streamer very lifelike. The products can be ordered from in Sweden you can get them at ! Of course you can use other materials of your own choice, but the thing with this bait is the lifelike movement of the down combined with the realistic look of the fisheadz. Good luck with your tying.
All the best!

Mosquito larva

Mosquito Larvae tied on a Gamakatsu C15-BV in size 18 using stripped peacock quill covered with Deer Creek diamond fine.