Videos by Mikey Wier

Soulfish: Fish Mode

A trailer for Soulfish 2: This one of a kind adventure documentary follows some of the most dedicated and experienced fly anglers in the world as they chase some of the greatest Game Fish on this planet to waters around the globe. It’s a visual and sensual experience that lets you see through the eyes and explore the thoughts of some of Fly-Fishing’s greatest personalities.

Soulfish 2

Soulfish 2, Fish Mode is an around the world fly fishing adventure movie. Coming soon from BURL Productions.

Tap Tap Tap!

Great video of fishing for tarpon off the Floridan coast.

Louisiana Red Fishing

Fly Fishing for Red Fish in the marshes of Southern Louisiana with Capt. Bryan Carter and Capt. Shane Mayfield. Promotion for Tailwaters Flyfishing but very nice.


Trailer for Mike Wier's Soulfish DVD. Adventurous fishing, beautifully filmed.

Fish Eye 4 "Through Anglers Eyes"

Trailer for part 4 of a video magazine called Fish Eye featuring all kinds of different types of fishing.

The Red Zone-Fly-Fishing for Red Fish

Nice video showing fly fishing for redfish in Southern Louisiana. Nice strikes and beautiful fish.