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Berry's Fish Mover

Bruce Berry showed up to show us how to tie one of his most effective winter Steelhead patterns.

Tying The Lady Gaga Intruder

Travis Johnson ties his Lady Gaga Intruder for us.Travis guides Steelhead and Trout in Oregon and owns All Water Angling - www.speyfishingoregon.comBuy materials for this fly and others on our channel at:

Tying The Project: Prawn

Great all around fly for Steelhead and Salmon materials available at

9-Volt Steelhead Tube

Materials Available At: www.flyshopnw.comGreat low water steelhead fly in the Winter and Fall. Thanks for watching
Music: Electrohumedos - Morrina Vespertina

The Sputnik

A fly I've been working on for a couple years. Prosportfisher's Finn Raccoon made it all come together. Tie in any color contrast you want. Blue/Black, Pink/White, Orange/Red, Purple/Pink, Purple/Orange, it all works and looks good. Thanks for watching.

Coal Car XL Steelhead Tube

Tying Bruce's Coal Car XL on the Pro Tube System.

Silvey's Edible Emerger

One of the best, if not the best, caddis emerger patterns we have ever fished.

Quigley's Film Critic

Quigley's Film Critic can be tied to match any mayfly.

Jumbo John

Tying The Jumbo John

Agent Onyx

Agent Onyx Egg Sucking Stone.

Silvey's Caddis Pupa

Tying Silvey's Caddis Pupa

Lightning Bug

Tying the Peacock Lightning Bug.

Rogue Stone

Tying The Rogue Stone

Extended Body Mayfly Dry Flies

Tying Extended Body Mayfly Dry Flies

Foam Waller Waker

Tying the Foam Waller Waker

Silvey's Purple Nurple

Tying Silvey's Purple Nurple

Tying an Intruder

Tying an Intruder

Drowned October Caddis

Tying a drowned October Caddis

Hoh Bo Spey (weighted)

Tying a Hoh bo Spey (weighted)

Anderson Bird Of Prey (Oct. Caddis)

Anderson Bird Of Prey (Oct. Caddis)

Basic Soft Hackle

Tying A Basic Soft Hackle

Berry's Blowout Tube Fly

Bruce Berry's newest killer summer run pattern


Tying Bruce Berry's Rambulance