Videos by RT

Spey Daze teaser

This is simply a mash up of footage shot so far for the steelhead project. I put this together as support for a few presentations I gave during the winter. it was never intended to see the light of day beyond those speaking engagements.<br /><br /> But then I thought…"why not", and here it is.<br /><br /> The project will continue thru 2015 and if all goes well a proper "trailer" will drop in early 2016 followed by a dvd/download release sometime later that fall.

Anglers of the AuSable

The river corridor is once more being threatened by gas & oil. The Michigan DNR has leased 2800 acres of land for gas & oil exploration to a company called Encana. Unfortunately that land runs adjacent to the "Holy Waters"
on the main stream of the AuSable.

You can help...for more information hit the ink below

July Fly Fishing in NE Michigan 2013

I know I've done this same video at least four times over the years...but as I phase out doing shorts (and fly fishing content in general...getting kind of bored of it) for one last time, a week spent up at the cabin in Michigan.

I fished mainly solo and tried to take at least some type of camera with me on most trips. It's tough to shoot yourself fishing and to be honest a perfect pain in the ass...but I did what I could.

It ain't going to win any awards I can promise you that...

Mexico 2013

This was not a fishing trip, though I did get out for a couple in shore trips. This trip was six days of relaxing, eating, recharging and I shot a little footage along the way.

Brothers Brown Trailer

This is the trailer for a feature called "The Brothers Brown." The full 45 minute version will be a special feature on a yet to be title dvd with the subject being the AuSable river in Michigan. I'm hopeful for a spring 2014 release. The Brothers Brown is the story of three streamer junky brothers who grew up fishing the lower AuSable river. There is a cut down version of this piece that will be featured as part of the 2013 Fly Fishing Film Tour.

Montana 2013

I fished Montana for the first time in August. I didn't go out to specifically fish but I did find some time to get out. I shot a few scenes along the way and from that footage put together this little music short.

July Fly Fishing in the Midwest

I found some time this weekend to knock this out. It's nothing more than a re-cap of some fishing at the cabin in July. Though the video will say was really July.

May Fly Fishing in the Midwest...

I finally found a little time last night and I sat down and banged this out. I had been sitting on this footage since May so It's nice to finally get it off my plate. Next up is the July footage and hopefully it won't take me another two months to get to that. I forgot a music credit...Black Berry Smoke.

HOTD DVD sneak peek...

This is the first couple minutes of Heart of the Driftless. The DVD release set for March 4th. I made this for a presentation I'm giving at a local TU
chapter in a couple weeks but decided to throw it on the web as well. The HOTD piece runs 61 minutes. The DVD also features the full 52 minute version of Reverb which is currently out on the Fly Fishing Film tour.

August Fly Fishing re-cap

This is a turd...but at least it's done! (Ed.: RT's own words!)

Heart of the Driftless Trailer

I had some time last night so I whipped up this trailer for the soon to be released DVD Heart of the Driftless. It probably deserves a little better effort but I'm burnt and just wanted to get it done. The DVD will also feature the full version of Reverb currently out on the 2012 Fly Fishing Film tour.

Reverb fly fishing trailer

This is a trailer for a show about three musicians who were all part of the late 80's, early 90's punk rock scene in Chicago...and they happen to all fly fish.

July Fly Fishing

Great compilation of many kinds of summer fishing

June Fly Fishing re-cap

Robert Tomphson recaps June's fishing in this 18-minute video. A lot of talk, but also some really nice video and pictures.

Steelhead Camp '11

Nice video from a steelhead trip, cabin ambiance, nice scenes from the river and altogether a very good portrait of a cozy fishing trip.

GoPro test

Robert Thompson testing the GoPro Hero camera in this very nice POV video. In the end there's a review of the camera's performance, and Robert is not pleased...

A snowy April day

A snowy April day on a NE Michigan river

Hex fishing trailer

This is a little trailer I whipped up yesterday for a show on fishing the Hex hatch in the midwest. I hope to get in on the air and/or in DVD form. We'll see.

Musky Country: Zero 2 Hero Trailer

This is the trailer for a DVD that will hopefully hit the market sometime around Feb. 2011

Musky on the fly

Really beautiful teaser for a feature that will be completed early next year and hopefully either go on the air and/or on DVD.

Idaho on the fly

Beautiful video about late winter and early spring fishing in Idaho. As always from RT: top notch filming and production.

2009 Wrap Up

8 months of fishing condensed into 5:50. Great footage, great ambiance.