Videos by Sean O'Rourke

Seals Fur Woolly Bugger

Just like tying up the conventional Woolly Bugger but instead of palmering the body with hackle the substitute Seals Fur is teased out giving pulsation and that Tranlucency effect. A nice Damsel Nymph Pattern. Fly tying Australia.

The Appetiser Fly

The Appetiser Fly. One of the most successful still water flies going around. Excellent baitfish, fry or smelt imitation. Good searching pattern or for casting to a cruising trout, there is a fair chance it will gain the trout's attention.

Fly Fishing Australia Lake Banimboola with Alexandra Fly
Fly fishing video. Fly Fishing for trout, Australia, Lake Banimboola in North East Victoria, Australia , right on Dusk. Nice Brown Trout caught on Gold Alexandra fly. Fly fishing australia trout. Nice size brown trout caught just on dusk on a Gold Alexandra streamer fly using 9 wt fly rod with sinking line with fast stripping retrieve. My dog "Bazza" was pretty impressed.

How to tie the Craigs Night-time Fly

Tying the Craigs Night-time Fly. One of the most popular Flies in New Zealand and Australia, especially for using at night on Lakes for Trout.