Videos by Shane Clevenger

Prawn Star Fly

The Prawn Star is a shrimp imitation fly pattern. It's most effective for redfish during the fall months when shrimp are plentiful in the Lowcountry. The Prawn Star is a versatile pattern that can be fished in a grass flat or during a low tide.
Tied on a 1/0 Gamakatsu SC15
Tied by Charleston Angler's own, Kyler Gartner.
Video by Shane Clevenger
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Mad Mike's Craft Fur Mullet

Just Hanging out with Mike at the 2015 Southeastern Wildlife Expo seeing what he could come up with from a basket full of materials. Just glue some eyes on it and call it a day. Dude gets crafty! Check out more of his flies on his facebook page .

-Shot by Shane Clevenger
The Charleston Angler

Large Marge Tarpon Fly

The Large Marge: A little lowcountry fly tying video to hopefully tie you over till next tarpon season. Tied by The Charleston Angler's own, Capt. Colt Harrison

Big Rhonda Redfish Fly

Capt. Colt Harrison from The Charleston Angler in Charleston, SC shows us how to tie one of his favorite Redfish flies...Big Rhonda! This is a very light weight fly that's great for throwing at spooky fish at low tide.

Capt. Joe Benton's EP Baitfish

Capt Joe Benton from The Charleston Angler in Charleston, SC shows us a simple way to tie up an EP baitfish fly perfect for catching redfish, tarpon and snook.

Joe Benton's Armored Bait Fly

Joe Benton, from The Charleston Angler in Charleston, SC , shows us a great way to tie up a fly that's perfect for targeting those redfish tailing in the grass.

Cobia O'Brien Fly

With the cobia season just around the corner here in the Lowcountry, Capt. Colt Harrison has just what you'll need...The Cobia O'Brien Fly. This flashy elongated fly is perfect for those calm days sight fishing for Browns in the Broad River.

Colt Harrison's Seaducer Fly

Colt Harrison, from The Charleston Angler, demonstrates the art of tying a Seaducer Fly. This is a great pattern for throwing at big schools of redfish without spooking them due to the lightweight materials used to tie the fly.