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Royal Wulff

Lee Wulff redesigned the famous Royal Coachman into the Royal Wulff and made the old, difficult-to-float, Royal Coachman pattern into one heck of a fly. Lee once said the Royal Wulff looked like Strawberry Shortcake. Maybe that is why fish love it so much. Many of Lee's flies achieved a permanent place in fly-fishing. The Royal Wulff is one of the most popular of all time, probably because it floats high and is easy to see in the water.

The Copper John

The Copper John fly is one of the most popular nymphs, if not the most popular nymph in fly fishing today. Its attractive qualities given to it by the copper wire and peacock herl make it irresistible to trout. The Copper John was originally designed by John Barr and has taken on many variations since its birth.