Videos by Stefan Ågren

Three anglers in New Zealand

Press CC to turn on subtitles. Some years ago we went to New Zealand for a trip of our lifetime. Everything was perfect in theory. We had lot´s of time, we were seven friends and we though we had a pretty good idea of where to find some big trout. However, the plan didn’t work. This is some random footage of three of the fellows. You might need to activate the subs in order to understand anything but I can't guarantee that you will have a clue what they're talking about anyhow.
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Grayling featuring ABBA

The grayling is a fish but it's not a brown trout. It's sort of like ABBA - everyone like them in some strange kind of way but if you get too much of them - it's not that funny any more. This is a random video from Finnmark in Norway where the grayling are plenty. A fish +50 cm on every cast, Just like ABBA, too many hits.

The creek in the backyard

Went to the small creek in the backyard which is filled with sea run browns each autumn. They're there to complete the life cycle and even though it isn't fair to observe other while having sex I still find it facinating.

Arctic char mania

Random shots in a small edit from an epic may fly hatch.