Videos by The Fly Fishing Film Tour

REEL Trailer

For many, the Upper Delaware and Catskill region is a refuge from the hectic pace of life in the working world. For anglers especially, it is an opportunity to fully immerse mind, body and spirit in the unique rhythms of the river system. The elemental act of angling enables this escape in a way nothing else can.
“Reel: A Day on the River,” is an inspirational film about the tradition and culture of fly-fishing in the East. It highlights the responsibility we have to protect resources like the Upper Delaware River for future generations.
Set against the backdrop of the western Catskills, the film invites viewers to float the West Branch of the Upper Delaware with professional guides Joe Demalderis , Jim “Coz” Costolnick, and Ryan Furtak. These men provide their unique insight into the fishery; it’s vast array of aquatic life, and their intense respect for the landscape and local community.
Photographers Monty Milburn and Brent Taylor have executed several still-photography projects documenting the streams and surroundings of their favorite fly-fishing spots. “Reel” was born in the late spring of 2011 when they decided to create a short film.

The Kodiak Project trailer

Three fly fishermen (Conway Bowman, Kirk Deeter and Chris Santella) head up to Kodiak Island, Alaska to fish a legendary river that’s a bit like a unicorn – everyone has heard about it, but no one seems to have seen it, been there or fished its shallow waters. Along with local guide, Trent Deeter, the crew embarks on one of the most epic and prolific steelhead fishing trips of their lives.