Videos by Tie2throw

Camo Squid Steelhead Fly

Fly Tying a Camo Squid variant. This has been one of my favorite Steelhead patterns. I tie them like this and with 4 hackles over the shoulder (icedub/ostrich/guinea) This fly also incorporates a composite loop and shows some cool new fly tying techniques.

Woolly Bugger

Beginners series, showing the basics of fly tying. This movies shows the Woolly Bugger streamer for trout. Check ou our website

Hook: TMC 5262 #8
Thread: Textreme 8/0 black
Tail: Marabou black
Body: ICE dub UV black
Ribbing: Black wire
Hackle: Black
Cone: 3.25mm tungsten black
Collar: Bug Collar hot orange

Tiger Snealda

The Tiger Snealda is one of the most popular flies for Atlantic Salmon last season. In this tutorial we tie this amazing pattern, it is also a great fly for Steelhead. With a Steelie Blue zonker, blue rubber legs and a hot orange cone perhaps!?

Tube: FutureFly 1.8 & 3mm clear, US tube 6mm gold
Thread: Textreme 6/0 black
Tail: Micro pulsator rabbit strip
Flash: Midge flash gold
Legs: FutureFly rubber legs yellow/black & orange/black
Eyes: EP crab&shrimp eyes x-small black
Body: ICE dub uv black
Ribbing: Medium oval tinsel gold
Hackle: FutureFly hen hackle yellow & black
Cone: FutureFly 4mm hybridcone gold

Steelhead Polar Shrimp

The famous Polar shrimp but with a twist, using some other materials to make it swim even better. But still with the great color scheme of the original, you could tie these on a tube. But it just looks right to me tied on a hook... maybe a nice silver one!? How ever you like em this is a great Steelhead fly!

Classic Steelhead fly

My own classic Steelhead fly, I fished this pattern for winter steelies on the Skeena system with great success. I was tying some up for my trip next year and decided to share this one with you! Try this pattern with it's smart use of two hackles and wings, this makes the fly really swim.

Simple Shrimp bonefish fly

Maarten Bruinenberg ties a nive bonefish fly, that is easy to ty, durable and catches fish for shure!


Maarten Bruinenberg ties a bonefish fly that has a totally different action in the water than the patterns most people use.

Tarpon fly

Maarten Bruinenberg ties a great tarpon fly. This pattern has so much movement they just can't resist this one! The color of this one is tan/sand and other great color combo's are, tan/yellow tan/orange and black/purple!
Good luck tying!

Bonefish zonker fly

Maarten Bruinenberg ties an effective bonefishfly with just a zonker some flash and rubber legs. This fly does make a splash on the water so don't fish this pattern when the bones are super spooky! But when fished properly it is an absolute killer!

Steelhead Stinger

Maarten Bruinenberg ties one of his favorite Steelhead flies.


Maarten Bruinenberg ties the DD (Double Dutch) shrimp, a Bonefish fly originally designed for the Yucatan Bonefish. Maarten designed his fly in 2008, just because he wanted to present something different to the fish. It has been his number #1 fly since that day!