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Social Media and Fly Tying: Part Two

Social Media is definitely now integrated into fly tying, thus how much do you value and utilize it on a regular basis? In this second video of a two-part series, I summarize thoughts and opinions that many of you sent from the first video. Thank you for the feedback, and if you feel I missed anything, please let me know. Facebook suggestions: Jesse Maughan: Fly tying with Uncle Cheech Robert Andersson: Fly Tying for Beginners and Improvers Joseph C Sylvia: Galloup Streamer Fans Mike P.: *Fly Tying Patterns and Videos *The Seven Continents of Fly Fishing and Fly Tying *Bug Bond: The art of engineering flies Jim Paden: *Fly Tying Material Swap *Fly Tiers Anonymous *The Art of Fly Tying and Fishing *FlyFishing/Tying Classifieds *The Classic Wet Fly and Streamers Tyers Page *Warm Water Tyer *Popper Nation Fanpage *Flyfishing Buy Sell Trade Jason King: Vise Rehab Michael Hopkins: Tenkara Kebari Library Jerry Donnelly: *Reflections on Fly Fishing *Fly Tying Nation Instagram suggestions: Nolan Pearson: @hawgfish @tiedflies @flyfishfood Hopback: @Lv2nymph @gagaflies Paul Quiroga @vtrampa_fly_ @satoshi.tanaka.77390 @bootrout @brightriverfly Andrew Dang: @adflyfishing Carson: @saltflies @spotted_dog_flies YouTube: Davie McPhail Tightline Productions Darrion Clouse: Pat Cohen Jason King: *In the Riffle *Fly Fish Food *Gunnar Brammer *Fly Fishing the Ozarks *The Weekly Fly Websites: Feel free to leave any additional questions/comments on this YouTube page, or you can email me: I'm excited to feature music by His Beard, and the song in this video is "The Wilderness Experience." For more information, check out His Beard here: Fly fishing for beginners can be difficult at first, thus be sure to stick with it and ask others for advice. If in the need for some helpful tips and other fly tying and fly fishing information, be sure to check out my "Trout and Feather" accounts on Facebook and Instagram... Link to Part One: