Videos by Twigg & Barry Fly Fishing Outfitters

Getting into the swing of things

Some steelhead fishing to get people amped about winter steelheading!

Sky High Dry Fly

Testing of Twigg & Barry Sky High 3wt 8'4" fly rod on rainbow trout and bulltrout. Classic late season dry fly fishing!

BM Dry Fly

Tying the Biot Mayfly dry fly. Quick and simple with very few materials, but works brilliantly!

BH Emerger Fly

BH Emerger fly tying. Easy to tie and versatile mayfly emerger/wet fly.

BB Nymph

Beadhead biot nymph.

Pink Boa - Coho Fly

Low water flash fly for coho salmon in rivers.

Coho Flasher

Tying a flash fly for coho (silver salmon) in rivers.

Pre-rigging Egg Flies

Pre-rigging egg flies with leader setup.

Reel Egg

Tying the "Reel Egg" fly. The most realistic and easy to tie egg pattern

Coho Coconut

A fly to provoke strikes for coho in the rivers.