Videos by Tyson Vassar

Oath to The Iron

Lightning fast knuckle busting super sexy wet flipper full stoke action for the entire family to get the crazy liquor cheeseburger party rocking. No steel to hard to be enticed by feathers, fur, or pink plastic. These long rod toting super stallions have ultra deep hole pounding abilities to get em hooked and keep em wet with a gentle hand that keeps em coming back for more. Starring Jon Baker, Brad Bonnett, and Dorian "Mr. D" Thompson. Filmed and edited by Tyson Vassar

Ernie and Iron Lips

First project with my 5d mkiii. Filmed in October of 2012. My three "brothers" and I have taken this trip together for about a decade now. All four of us fish this river throughout the seasons but make a point to do a float together at least once a year. The title refers to steelhead, which are the preferred and targeted fish, and the not so desirable whitefish. Great times, foggy memories, beautiful scenery, and a few fish.