Videos by Ville Rakkolainen


Yellow/green Plastic tube fly. In Finnish but easy to follow.
Inner Tube: Eumer small
Outer tube: Eumer large soft
Body: Slim holo gold tinsel
Underwing: 2 bunches of yellow squirrel + 4pcs gold crystal flash
Hackle: Yellow cock
Overwing: Yellow fox + 4pcs peacock herl
Front hackle: Yellow and black cock
Cheeks: Jungle cock
Head: Large Eumer red monstercone


Shrimp style fly tied on Eumer crayfish tube. In Finnish, but easy to follow.
Tube: Aluminum Eumer Crayfish
Thread: Red
Tail: Olive nutria + paddles from olive hackle
Front: Olive ice dubbing + olive cock
Wing: Black-yellow nutria + 4pcs red Amherst fibers
Head: Red thread