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In Search of Sabalitos - Part 2

The Tarpoonicators have fished for tarpon together for so long they've started to bury a few of their own. Part 2 of In Search of Sabalitos opens with another burial at sea of one of their favorite members. It's a sad and poignant moment but the group decides the best way to pay homage to their fallen comrade is to "go fishing." And fishing they go as the baby tarpon action heats up to to white hot. But it's not all just sabalitos; the big boys are arriving and suddenly 100-pound+ tarpon are everywhere!

In Search of Sabalitos - Part 1

The search for any one species of fish can become an obsession with anglers. This is especially true with tarpon, and a group of guys out of Colorado who call themselves the "Tarpoonicators." They've been chasing tarpon together now for over 30 years. Finding new places to fish for the silver king is a big part of the fun, and when they heard the rumor of a virtually untouched sabalito (baby tarpon) fishery accessed out a sleepy little Mexican fishing village at the northern edge of the Yucatan Peninsula the Tarpoonicators were on the next plane to Cancun! It didn't hurt that this incredible estuary was a aquatic bird preserve and virtually untouched by tourism. In fact San Felipe was a welcome return to old Mexico, with a rich culture that would startle and delight.

Arctic Dreams

The gods giveth, and the gods taketh away. In this fourth and final episode of Arctic Dreams Dave finally connects with a truly trophy-size char that quickly shows this Quebecer who's boss in their heroic battle. As he makes his way back to camp at the end of the day Dave runs into Steve sitting in shock beside his prayer tower, a 1/0 streamer sunk deeply and painfully into the knuckle on his right hand. Warning to squeamish viewers; it's serious hook-removal time in the wilderness! Show ends with a final tribute to manager Jack Elofsson and Inuit owners Bill and Jessie Lyall, and a surprising announcement on the future of Ekaluk Camp. The above image from the film is Steve's casting mishap and what we saw after cutting off his fishing glove.

The Big Bambu

Episode 5: The Big Bambu

In this never-before-seen footage Grizzly Hackle's trout wizard Drew Miller goes anadromous by landing everything from boxfish to bigger-than-baby 'poons at ...

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Rainbow Rhapsody - Part 2

In part two of Rainbow Rhapsody angler Rich Jorgensen and filmmaker Joe Daniel return to Alaska in late September and are joined by anglers Steve Jensen, Mike Dominick and Rich Lirtzman for a four-day float trip down the length of Moraine Creek. This is the time of huge rainbows (think fatter than a football!) and huge grizzly bears (think bigger than a small car!), and the group experiences endless encounters with both. What is most disconcerting to everyone is how close they come to bears while fishing. On the float out, uber-guide John Streeter gives his take on the Pebble Mine development that directly threatens this amazing watershed.

Rainbow Rhapsody - Part 1

They are called rainbows for only one reason, and in this first part of Rainbow Rhapsody angler Rich Jorgensen and filmmaker Joe Daniel travel to what surely must be Mecca for rainbow trout - the famed rivers of Alaska's Bristol Bay watershed. It's early season so the smolt run is still on and the guys throw streamers to big bows on the Copper River and American Creek. Rich also finds some righteous dry fly action for trophy-size grayling on the Kijak. It's all about messin' around in boats and planes, and being pampered by five star comfort at Rainbow River Lodge. Did we say Mecca? Maybe we meant Nirvana.

Bluewater Bonanza - Part 2

Our Wild On The Fly team is back from an amazing tour of inland Guatemala and they've now got only one thing on their minds - landing a big Pacific sailfish on the fly. The conventional gear guys are starting to lay it on thick and Steve and Rich are becoming tired of the hazing. Steve gets resolute while Rich goes to his lucky hat. These two guys aren't used to getting skunked, but can they turn it around on their last day at Sailfish Bay Lodge?

Bluewater Bonanza - Part 1

Wild On The Fly anglers Steve Jensen and Rich Jorgensen travel with filmmaker Joe Daniel to the Pacific coast of Guatemala. Lured by the promise of big sailfish on the fly, and the superb service and tropical comfort of Sailfish Bay Lodge, the group discovers spectacular natural environments, rich culture and an amazing offshore fishery. But can they get a piece of the incredible action being experienced by the conventional-gear/live-bait guys - using only 13-weight fly rods and eight-inch flies? The pressure is on!

Angling For Gold - Part 1

Wild on the Fly was one of the first to report on dorado fishing in Northern Argentina, in a cover story we published ten years ago featuring the golden marauder of Ibera Marsh. From that first moment on we have been captivated by this most perfect of gamefish and we made many trips to the Rio Juramento to gather the footage for these next two episodes. The fishing is challenging but the rewards are great for those who put in the effort - from the cultural nightlife of Salta to the amazing wildlife of the Juramento.

Angling For Gold - Part 2

Fly fishing for big dorado on the Rio Juramento drainage in Northern Argentina can only be described as mercurial. The river seems dead one moment and then suddenly comes alive. We spent over two years and made many trips to the area trying to unlock the secrets behind striking gold on these jungle waters. The effort was sometimes difficult, even tragic at one point when we sadly lost one of our team; but the landing of a record fish during our final trip to the Juramento proved life-changing, and in some ways even life affirming in the end.

Peacocks & Payara - Part 2

In Part 2 of Peacocks & Payara the action intensifies as Chris Bailey makes a run up river to Uraima Falls in search of truly record-size payara. What he finds there - and lands! - is amazing. But first Chris takes on a cultural tour of the jungle and does some fish-for-meat swapping with some local indigenous folk who have just killed a tapir. This is the footage Outdoor Channel wouldn't let us run. Not for the squeamish.

Peacocks & Payara - Part 1

Guest Producer Chris Bailey brings us one of his fabulous tales of angling adventure along the Orinoco River in Venezuela. In Part 1 Chris, the long-time producer of the Reel Outdoor television series, lands a beautiful and very toothy payara at Uraima Falls and then visits Manaka Lodge in search of giant peacock bass. This is off-the-beaten-path fly fishing at its best!

Muskie Madness Part 3

We return to Boulder Lodge a month later for the first annual Muskie Ball and one more day on the water with muskie tribe. Winter is fast approaching and it's time to celebrate the season with a display of pig preparation perfection for one of the most unique parties ever thrown. The fete is muskie madness to the highest order and the following morning finds the tribe nearly spent from six months of chasing big fish in the legendary north woods of Wisconsin. But everyone rallies for one last day of extreme angling before everything freezes over, and what a day it is!

Muskie Madness Part 2

Our Wild On The Fly angler Drew Miller is on the hunt for a big muskie on the fly and as the week proceeds we discover how challenging that might be. But we also learn just how intrepid Drew really is as he puts in the work. Day two we land several fish, but they're all runts compared to the muskies known to swim these waters. Then we hit a spot on the river where the water runs deep and cold and you can easily understand how this could be the aquatic lair of something big and mean!

Muskie Madness Part 1

Called the fish of 1,000 casts; just how hard is it to land a trophy-size muskie on the fly? You might be surprised! Join us over the next three weeks as we take you on an amzing quest for big muskies in Northern Wisconsin - beginning with a look at the crazy and often contoversial history of old-time World Record hunters. Then we pair one of our best sticks with the undisputed best guides in the business to see if we can elicit the rare tug of a northwoods leviathan.