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True North

Fly Fishing the Great North Woods
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On our annual summer trip to Maine we took a day to explore the Great North Woods in New Hampshire.

Trash Can

We stumbled upon a small tributary filled with rising trout and above a big swimming hole the locals call "Trash Can." The fish were hungry and we were able to get some in the net. My cousin from Iowa came down to North Carolina and what better way to show him NC then take him fishing in the Mountains. Our good buddy Luis also joined us and we had a blast enjoying the North Carolina outdoors on an amazing day.

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Small Streamin

Fly Fishing South Mountain State Park
We had heard some positive things about South Mountain State Park and since it is so close we thought we'd give it a try. My dad and I got to spend a rainy day fishing and we did what we could. We found a couple deep holes that were successful but found our flies finding the trees more than the fish. Showing my dad some tighter water was a ball and after a long year of no fishing he got the line tight. The river is promising and will be in our back pocket if we are ever short of time for a day trip.
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The Boys are Back

Fly Fishing North Carolina. The Boys (Adam and David) are back from college and just in time to hit the river. We had a blast getting the whole crew back together and even got on a few fish. Cannot wait for a summer full of fishing with the boys!

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The Cherokee trophy waters hold some of the biggest fish Western North Carolina has to offer and it did not disappoint. We got into some of the hardest fighting fish around town including our boy Leroy. Now most of you may be wondering who's Leroy? Well Leroy was not your typical fish, he was a mean, hard fighting bad ass who did not want to come to the net. Watch till the end to see how much fun we had fighting Ol' Leroy.

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Spring Madness

SPRING MADNESS is a short film put together from all of our Spring fishing trips. We got a chance to explore all over Western North Carolina and some of the rivers it holds but many many more are still to be explored. Dry flies were starting to get hot towards the end of the spring just getting us stoked for this summer.

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Birthday Browns Part II

Another birthday well spent and what better place than the Davidson river. Birthday Browns part II was not planned but it just so happened that about a month after Shane's birthday was Scottie's and our destination was the Davidson river. Scottie also pulled in 2 nice browns on this day thus living up to the name "Birthday Browns." We got to meet up with Conor Howard and Jack Tamborski from Tuck Fly Shop in Bryson City, NC. Jack and Connor being guides, really showed us a lot and we had a blast fishing with them.

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We would love to thank our good friends at Syndicate Fly Fishing ( for hooking us up with their awesome 10 foot 3 weight rod that throws like no other. So make sure you check them out because they have some great fly tying materials as well as some very "Quality" rods. Instagram: @syndicateff

You can find Jack and Connor on Instagram at: @jack_tamborski and @connorhoward65

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Chasin' the Dream

"Chasing the Dream" takes place in Western North Carolina where we fished the Tuckaseegee River and the Lower Nantahala. Through fly fishing we have met some very cool people and we love sharing our passion with the ones who love fly fishing too. We got some great help from our friends at the Tuck Fly Shop. Tuck Fly shop is a great group of guys and if you are ever in the Bryson City area head over to their shop and check them out.

Also big thanks to William Williams (@williaminnc) and Evan Norris (@wnc_flybum) who came and fished with us and showed us a thing or two about the Tuck.

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Birthday Browns

What better way to spend your birthday than fly fishing one of your Favorite rivers. On this day it was Shane's 17th birthday so we decided to head up to the Davidson river in North Carolina. We had a great time and Shane was hammering them all day and pulled in a 20+ inch Brown trout.


Tamarack is a video by WildFlyProductions that takes place at Wilson Creek over Winter Break 2014. WE had a blast out on the river and we brought along our cousins who had never fly fished before and they loved it. It was a unique experience showing the our passion and getting into some fish while doing so.

Spring Fly Fishing - Wilson Creek North Carolina

Spring Fly Fishing at Wilson Creek in North Carolina. A great day of fishing and had a lot of fun helping the little brother out with mastering the art of fly fishing . Caught 3 nice trout, One rainbow about 16-17 inch, 2 brookies one about 12-14 inch the other a 12 incher. Caught one of the brookies under the first bridge on my first cast and we didnt even have the cameras ready it was so fast! Wollies were working that day and later afternoon there were a few BWO hatches and parachute adam hatches but we just couldnt get anything on the drys.


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Fall Fly Fishing on Wilson Creek

A fall Fly Fishing trip to Wilson Creek in North Carolina mountains. Caught many fish in the day, mainly rainbows, a few brookies, and one brown trout. Great Day t be with the Family. SUBSCRIBE!! New videos coming soon!!!!