Saturday May 28th 2005 (10 years ago)
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Where'd they go?

Published: Saturday May 28th 2005 (10 years ago)
Updated: Saturday May 28th 2005, 3:41PM
by Martin Joergensen

The previously so abundant Danish sea trout have gone

We had an April out of this world on the Danish coast, and I expreienced fishing for sea trout like I have never done before.

But as April turned to May and the notorious garfish arrived, the sea trout just disappeared. Vanished.

That is not so unusual. When the days grow longer and temperatures in water and air grow higher, the fish retreat to the evenings, nights and early mornings. So the lack of sea trout during the days in May is no surprise. But the lack of fish in the dark hours is!

We have now been hunting for the silver bullets of the salt for almost a month and seen scarcely fe fish - let alone caught some.

Yesterday we were out again, and even though conditions were close to perfect for night fishing, we only caught garfish and very small toddler sea trout.

The season for night fishing has just begun, but still it seems strange that the numerous fish we saw and caught just a month ago have completely vanished during the last few weeks.

I hope that things return to normal - or better - and that the extremely good spring eventually will turn into a ditto summer.

Waiting (in vain) for sea trout to show.

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